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When we think about spiders, especially black widow spiders, it’s unlikely that we picture them snuggling up, sitting, or rolling over for us on command. Well, that’s because they are spiders, and they can be scary, and they don’t cooperate very well with humans when living in close proximity. But, are spiders really that scary? Are we justified in our automatic response to spiders, or are we overreacting a bit? Let’s take a look at some of the more common black widow spider myths and see what we are up against, shall we?

All Black Widows Have A Red Hourglass Marking

TRUTH: Though it’s the common way most people identify a black widow, it’s not true. Not every spider has a red marking in the shape of an hourglass. In fact, only the females have the unique marking, whereas males have yellow and red bands or spots.

Female Black Widows Eat Their Mates

TRUTH: Due to the name, black widow, it was said that the spider would eat its mate. Although black widow spiders have been known to do exactly that, it’s not common. In fact, male spiders have been known to share the same web with a female spider and not experience any negative consequence.

Black Widow Spiders Aggressively Seek Out Humans To Bite

TRUTH: Black widow spiders, and most spiders in general, rarely bite. One of the last things they are going to do is intentionally go out and pick a fight with a creature many thousands of times bigger than itself. However, black widow bites do occur, and usually happen when the spider feels provoked or threatened, and cannot escape.

Black Widow Bites Kill People

TRUTH: Death from a black widow bite is extremely uncommon, though it is possible. Black widow bites are extremely painful, and they are one of the few spiders who can actually transmit their venom through their bites. If bitten, some could experience tremors, weakness, muscle cramps and stomach pains. If you get bit you should seek out a doctor immediately,

Black Widow Spider Prevention & Treatment

With all this chat about black widow spiders, I bet you are probably wondering how you can prevent them! Preventing black widow spiders is like preventing most spiders. Try and keep clutter down to a bare minimum as it makes a perfect place to hide. Make sure to seal all cracks and openings in foundations, around doors and windows and in exterior walls. Always vacuum regularly and don’t forget to sweep the corners of the walls and ceilings.

Should you find yourself in a position where a black widow spider, or any other spider, has infested your home, Innovative Pest Control can help. We offer a wide variety of home pest control options that not only include spiders, but also includes over 16 other common pests! The best part is that we can ensure year-round coverage that not only gets rid of pests now, but also makes sure pests are not a problem in the future. We also offer free inspections, so call to schedule yours, and ask about taking care of spiders through our Advantage Plan.


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