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Many people have experienced having crickets in their house, and it’s an especially common problem in Texas. We’re asked all the time what crickets eat and what causes them to come inside.

What Do Crickets Eat in the Wild?

When outdoors, crickets will normally eat a mixture of plants and dead or living insects. Crickets tend to eat mostly rotting plants, but also eat an assortment of leaves, mushrooms, and fruit. On top of that, crickets are omnivorous, so they do eat the meat of other insects, including other crickets.

But what do they do when they get inside? Do we really need to worry about crickets in our homes?

What Damage Can a Cricket Do to Your House?

Crickets are often-overlooked, year-round pests that cause real damage if they manage to get into your home. Because of their highly varied diets, crickets have the potential to chew through items inside the house. They most commonly enter your home in the colder winter months in search of warmth and sources of food, but they can enter the home at any time of year while in hunt of other insects.

  • Once they are in the house they will chew through any number of potentially valuable items in search of food, including paper and clothes, or anything fabric such as furniture.
  • They also have a tendency to chew on carpet, causing damage and giving a rough texture to the fibers.
  • Crickets can even chew their way through wood, leather, and rubber, potentially damaging family valuables or the home itself!

The more crickets you have, the higher the potential for damage to your home.

How to Get Rid of Crickets

There are some simple tips for keeping crickets out of your home, the most important of which is simply to declutter any areas where they may be hiding, such as an attic, garage, or shed. Boxes full of old clothes or books stored in a quiet area away from traffic is a common place crickets will try to hide.

Most of the time this is simply not enough to eliminate a cricket infestation, however, and the best way to keep crickets from getting into your home is through year-round pest control. We can treat your East Texas home to keep pests including crickets out, as well as consult with you as to any obvious places pests may be hiding or ways they might try to get in.

If you’re looking for quality pest control for your home, partner with the experts at Innovative Pest Control, serving Tyler, Flint, and East Texas.


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