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It’s here! The time of the year for decorating homes, and baking and eating delicious foods over the Christmas holiday with friends and family. It’s all so magical, and there is so much to do. You’ll want to start by getting those Christmas decorations and supplies from the attic, basement or storage, but, watch out! Some pests may have invaded those boxes throughout the rest of the year. Depending on where you stored your holiday decorations, you might have some pests lurking within.

Common Home-Invading Pests In Texas

Rodents, spiders, and stink bugs may be hiding in your attic storage, and termites might be hiding in your basement storage. These pests are just looking for some food, water, and shelter, but they can give you a scare and be a terrible nuisance, and some of them can be a health risk or cause some serious damage.


Rodents will generally get into a home through gaps and holes in a home’s foundation or exterior walls. They can cause a tremendous amount of damage even if it’s just because of their urine and feces throughout your home. However, they are even more dangerous because they can carry and transmit disease and parasites. Your home can be a health risk if rodents have taken up residence there, as they can readily contaminate food sources. Not only that, they can cause a lot of damage with their teeth. They continually chew things to keep the length of them manageable. Damaged floors, ceilings, walls, and other items are one thing, but when they chew electrical wires there is a high risk of fire, and if they chew plumbing pipes there is a risk of serious water damage. In any event, rodents are damaging pests that are a health risk if they are inside your home. Signs of rodents are droppings, chewed, ripped or torn food packaging, nests, and grease marks along baseboards.


Spiders can also be found all over your house and can be found lurking in stored boxes of decorations in the attic or basement as well. Opening up a box of glittery Christmas decorations and finding a scary spider inside is not a happy thought. Most spiders are harmless, but you do not want to have an encounter with a wolf or jumping spider that has made it’s home in your decorations, let alone the dangerous brown recluse spider. Signs of spiders are dead spiders and insects and cobwebs. Spiders become the biggest nuisance when allowed to spread out within your house and occupy the far corners.

Stink Bugs

Usually, stink bugs will congregate in attics in large numbers that can be disconcerting. They are not particularly dangerous but they are can be very smelly if they feel threatened or someone squishes them. Signs of stink bugs will be a foul odor or the presence of the bugs themselves as they crawl around looking for one more meal or enjoying a particularly warm day.


Termites are a serious threat to a home’s structure, and you may want to look for mud tubes in your basement while you are down there moving boxes around looking for decorations. You may never see a termite, but they can be silently eating their way through the wood of your home, compromising its strength. Termite damage can be extremely costly. Signs of termites are sawdust “frass”, mud tubes, and tunnels in wood.

Home Pest Control Services

If going to the attic or basement of your home to get your Christmas decorations is a daunting task or makes you shudder to even think about the pests that may be lurking there, then you need a year-round pest control plan to give you peace of mind. In East Texas, you can call us at Innovative Pest Control. If you have rodents, termites or any other pests, you can count on our effective, and efficient pest control so give us a call today, and make every step of getting ready for Christmas a pleasant experience from the top of your attic right down to your basement.


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