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Believe it or not, fall is when we see the highest level of rodent activity in and around residential homes and commercial office buildings alike. This is no doubt a direct result of the cooler temperatures and limited food sources available to mice and rats outdoors. House mice, roof rats, and Norway rats have all historically been more of a nuisance for humans in autumn, as winter approaches.

Rodent Prevention Methods

They often prefer different hiding places on our properties or in our houses, and generally, rats are much more shy and cautious than mice, but all of these rodents are a serious concern. Thankfully, there are a variety of tried and true prevention methods for dealing with rodents. 


There are a large variety of over the counter traps available in your local hardware stores and large shopping centers. Rodent traps have been around for hundreds of years and though tweaks have been made over the past few decades, the original idea remains the same – annihilation. Keeping mouse and rat traps out of the reach of children and pets but in attractive areas for rodents can put a swift end to your infestation troubles before it really starts. Killing the few that make it into your property before they’re able to breed will save you a lot of money and heartache. Just be sure to get a trap to fit your particular rodent. Norway rats are significantly larger than house mice, requiring larger traps.

Deep cleaning

You haven’t really had to worry about it for 8 months, but it’s definitely time to go through your property and pick up anything that may be used as a nesting area for rodents, or that provides a food source. As food gets more and more scarce, the mice and rats will eat whatever they need to in order to stay alive. Clean up leftover garbage from summer products and put away unnecessary summer supplies that you may still have laying around.

Repellent electronics

This may sound like the hopeful tech of the future, but sound can have a significant impact on wildlife. High-frequency audio devices can be inserted into unused electrical outlets, which then pulsate sounds that keep mice and rats away from your property. As these devices are more affordable every year, they are fast becoming a very reasonable method for pest prevention.

Schedule Rodent Control Services Today

Hiring professionals to come in on a regular basis to ensure your home or business becomes an impenetrable fortress is always the best way to handle the risk of rodents and other pests. For example, we at Innovative Pest Control specialize in the removal and prevention of mice and rats in addition to insect and pest infestations. Different times of the year will require different sorts of protection so setting up a year-round prevention plan can ensure your home or business will remain insect and rodent free during every season of the year.

Unlike some animals and pests, mice and rats pose dangers to our families, friends, and pets directly. Mice and rats have been known to chew through roofing and even electrical conduit, putting buildings at risk for both water damage and fire. Additionally, mice or rat infestations can lead to sickness and disease. Mice and rats carry a variety of diseases that humans and animals may be susceptible to. Though they’re not typically aggressive, rodents can get pretty nasty when you’re encroaching in on their space – especially if they’re already ornery from a lack of food. Leave the removal of any serious infestation to the professionals at Innovative Pest Control. Fall is here and so are the rodents! Let us help you take care of it with a professional rodent control plan.


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