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What Are Open Pipe Mud Daubers?

Open pipe mud daubers are solitary wasps that can seek refuge around homes. The open pipe mud dauber is a wasp that makes long, elaborate nests out of mud. They stick around homes with a stable supply of spiders. While they are not as aggressive as most wasps, don’t let their docile manner fool you. image of a hornet

What Do Open Pipe Mud Daubers Look Like?

Open pipe mud daubers (Trypoxylon politum) are black wasps that measure between 1/2 an inch to 1 inch long. Some have a metallic blue appearance. The open pipe mud dauber’s body is typically long and thin, and the waist appears threaded. Green and yellow markings may be present on the body. The best way to describe the appearance of an open pipe mud dauber is as a long, ant-looking insect with wings.

Where Do Open Pipe Mud Daubers Nest?

Open pipe mud daubers nest is sheltered areas, such as under eaves, awnings, and decks. You can also find mud pipe daubers in barns, garages, attics, and sheds. These areas provide shelter and food. Open pipe mud daubers are not social insects and do not live in large colonies. Instead, they build their own nests for their families.

The female constructs the nest from mud, building twisted tubes next to each other. Usually, more than one mud nest is present next to one another. The mud nests can be different colors if the wasp built it from different mud, or if the nests have been around for a while. Mud daubers make new nests, but some species will reuse the nests built by other mud daubers.

What Do Open Pipe Mud Daubers Eat?

Open pipe mud daubers can be beneficial around your home or exterior structures because they feed on spiders and can decimate entire spider populations. The mud pipe dauber has a venomous sting that paralyzes spiders so the wasps can bring them back to the nest to feed on them. In addition to eating spiders, adult open pipe mud daubers can also feed on nectar and honeydew.

How Are Open Pipe Mud Daubers Different Than Other Types Of Wasps?

Open pipe mud daubers are not your typical wasps. They are different from other wasps in many ways. Open mud pipe dauber males are the only species of wasps that will stay in the nest to defend the eggs while the female is out hunting. The docile wasp will not defend its nest if a human or animal approaches. Stings from open pipe mud daubers are rare. These wasps will sting, however, if they are squeezed or stepped on.

Are Open Pipe Mud Daubers Dangerous?

Open pipe mud daubers rarely sting people. In fact, the instances are so rare that they are nearly nonexistent. Not only that, these wasps can be beneficial for spider removal and control, but they can build up quickly near your home. You should approach an open pipe mud dauber nest with caution if you are near these wasps, however, just as you would with any other type of stinging insect.

Will Innovative Pest Control Help Control Open Pipe Mud Daubers?

Innovative Pest Control offers control solutions for stinging insects. Innovative can also control the insect and spider populations around your home to avoid attracting open pipe mud daubers. To find out how Innovative can tackle your wasp troubles, call now and schedule an inspection!

Open Pipe Mud Dauber Prevention Tips

To prevent mud daubers, keep a few tips in mind:

  • Use professional techniques to control the spider population around your home.
  • Inspect the outside of your home for mud nests with holes in them.
  • Remove old nests on and around your property.
  • Call Innovative Pest Control for effective stinging insect control in Tyler and East Texas. hornet nest

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