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In the kingdom of wasps, the mud dauber is ranked very low in terms of threat. This is because they are solitary wasps. They don’t establish colonies of hundreds, like those yellow jackets. And they don’t have a nest protection instinct, like those yellow jackets. Yes, we said yellow jackets twice. That’s because the mud dauber is sometimes mistaken for a yellow jacket, even though these two types of wasps couldn’t be more different in appearance. It may be because some mud daubers are black and yellow in color, and have the smooth, shiny appearance of a wasp. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand that yellow jackets and open pipe mud daubers are two entirely different pest problems.

7 Things You Should Know About Mud Daubers

1. The most noticeable characteristic of the open pipe mud dauber is its threadlike waist. They range in length from ½ an inch to 1 inch and are either a black, blue metallic or black and yellow.

2. Open pipe mud daubers rarely sting humans. Aside from being a solitary wasp, they are also not an aggressive insect. Stings from these wasps may be uncommon but they are possible, especially if you decide to sit on one as you’re lounging in the sun or accidentally squeeze one between your fingers and your juice cup as you’re relaxing next to the pool.

3. While these wasps are mostly harmless, they can cause a great deal of anxiety for some people. This heightened level of anxiety can lead to accidents.

4. Open pipe mud daubers can be beneficial. If you have these wasps on your property, it is possible that they could be a help controlling spider populations in your yard. They paralyze spiders with their venom and carry them back to their nests to harvest their larvae. But, their ability to become a nuisance pest makes them less than ideal as a pest control option. Some might even make the case that spiders are beneficial because they reduce flies and mosquitoes and that you should keep them around too. But it is best to use modern pest control methods to reduce all of the pests in your yard and inside your house.

5. When mud daubers abandon their nests, those nests are often adopted by other, more dangerous, species of wasps. Nest removal should be done by a professional to make sure that all nests present are located and all of those nest sites are properly dealt with.

6. Open pipe mud daubers get their name for two reasons. They create nests out of mud, and those nests often look like the opening to a pipe. If you see these pipe-like nests, now you know what wasps made those nests.

7. These wasps prefer to make their nests under eaves, decks, awnings, and in other sheltered areas. They can also be found inside structures like garages, sheds, barns, and outbuildings. If entry points can be found, they will also invade isolated areas of a home, such as attic spaces and storage rooms.

Pests Attract Other Pests

One pest attracts another. If you have flies coming into your yard and breeding around your home, those flies are going to attract spiders; when you have spiders near your exterior walls and foundation, you’re going to lure in mud daubers. While mud daubers are helpful to reduce spiders, and spiders are helpful to reduce flies, it is best to use professional pest management techniques to control pests around your home.

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If you are in our Texas service area, reach out to Innovative Pest Control. We offer comprehensive service plans that address over 16 common pests, many of which are far more dangerous and destructive than mud daubers, spiders, and flies. Pests like termites, carpenter bees, mosquitoes, rodents, fire ants, and more. Don’t leave your pest control plan to those mud daubers and spiders. Contact the pest specialists at Innovative Pest Control to get rid of pests today.


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