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Scorpions are a creepy fact of life for Texas residents. Fortunately, most scorpions don’t present a medical threat for a healthy adult. The one scorpion to watch out for is the bark scorpion. Can you guess which kind of scorpion is most likely to get into your home? Yup. Bark scorpions scale trees. It only makes sense that they would also be able to scale our exterior walls. Bark scorpions hide under bark. So, it also makes sense that they are going to squeeze into every gap or tight space they find. Now that we’ve sufficiently scared you (though that wasn’t our intent) let’s take a look at three quick and easy scorpion bite prevention tips.

1. Do A Quick Check

Scorpions like to get into holes. If there is something in your home that looks like a hole, a scorpion might get inside it. Most scorpion stings are the result of someone coming into close contact with a scorpion by accident. Scorpions won’t go looking for a fight with a big human like you. Here are some tips to prevent unwanted contact.

  • Shake boots, sneakers, slippers and other footwear.
  • Shake clothing that has been in a drawer, sitting in a pile on the floor, or lying on a surface.
  • Shake towels off before use, especially if the towel has sat in a clump on the floor.
  • Turn your bedding down before sliding into bed. This is particularly important if the bed isn’t made. A clumpy blanket can be the perfect place for a scorpion to hide.

2. Be Cautious

There are many ways you can have a run-in with a scorpion. These critters hide under and between things. Be cautious and wear protective gloves and clothing when working in the yard. If you go into a storage area, be mindful that a scorpion can be hiding between boxes, on the backside of a box you’re about to pick up, or inside a box you’re about to open.

3. Use A Black Light

Scorpions glow when you shine a black light on them. If you carry a handheld black light with you when you go for a walk, or when you walk around your home at night, you can prevent an unwanted encounter with a scorpion. This can also protect your dog when you take your furry family member out for a walk.

How To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your Home

If you’re looking for quick and easy tips for keeping scorpions out of your home, we have some bad news for you. It isn’t quick or easy to keep scorpions out. It takes a lot of hard work and quite a bit of know-how. We recommend that you have a professional take care of this task for you. But, if you’re looking to roll your sleeves up and do it yourself, here are a few tips:

  • Seal gaps around moisture points, such as where pipes enter your home through your exterior walls, and where they come into your home, such as in the cabinet under your kitchen sink.
  • Seal gaps above your foundation walls and below your exterior walls.
  • Replace damaged door sweeps and install sweeps if they’re not present at the bottom of your exterior doors or garage door.
  • Replace damaged weatherstripping. That rubber seal around your exterior doors doesn’t just keep the cold air in your home, it keeps scorpions and other pests out of your home.
  • Holes in your roofline can give access to a bark scorpion. Don’t neglect sealing openings in your fascia, soffits, box ends, etc.
  • Replace damaged screens on windows and sliding glass doors.
  • Use caulking to fill in holes created by wood-destroying pests, such as mice and rats.
  • Set traps around the outside of your home near your foundation walls. These can help you reduce scorpion populations and give you feedback as to how often scorpions are coming too close for comfort.
  • Remove organic debris near your home to reduce scorpion habitats.
  • Move objects away from your exterior. Scorpions hide under stuff.

If you’d like help with keeping scorpions out of your home, remember that the team at Innovative Pest Control is always standing by to assist you. We can guide you toward a one-time solution for scorpions, or ongoing pest control for a wide range of pests, including scorpions. We’re here to help.


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