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This two-inch-long arachnid is no itsy-bitsy spider! Wolf spiders are brownish-grey arachnids with characteristically long legs for hunting their prey. You are far more likely to encounter these nocturnally nomadic spiders outdoors, but certain factors might make them more interested in long-term cohabitation in the house. Wolf spiders don’t spin webs like other members of their species, so you’ll never know they’re around until you stumble across one of their burrows. Wolf spiders prefer to use their webbing to cover the entrance of their burrows. They also carry egg sacs and their infant spiders around for up to two weeks after hatching.

 All spiders, including wolf spiders, are venomous to some degree. However, if their fangs cannot pierce the skin or if their venom isn’t potent in small doses, they will not be dangerous to humans. Most spiders don’t meet both criteria, including the humble wolf spider. If threatened, cornered, or handled, these spiders can leave an itchy red bite that will fade after a few days. 

Show Them Who’s Boss!

Keeping all spiders out may not be an option, but there are some preventative measures homeowners can take to prevent wolf spiders from entering the home.

  • Sealing cracks, checking screens, and doing regular maintenance to your home is an excellent way to keep wolf spiders out in the yard. 
  • The obvious food supply for these spiders is other insects and small spiders. Keeping these populations down is helpful in reducing unwanted arachnid interest on the inside of your home. 
  • If you think or know that wolf spider activity is present around your home, schedule a comprehensive home inspection to identify any insect infestations that may not be as noticeable. Getting other pests under control will reduce and even eliminate wolf spider populations within the home.

Wolf spiders are resilient creatures and can still find a way into your home despite the protections you put in place. If that’s the case, professional pest control services will be necessary to control their spread. 

Try Pest Control The Innovative Way 

Caring for a home is a great deal of work, with or without added pesky freeloaders. Wolf spiders may not be dangerous, but they can cause quite a fright and keep your guests from resting comfortably while in your home. For more advice on dealing with wolf spiders or other pests invading your property, contact the professionals at Innovative Pest Control. 

Since 1992 our team has been hard at work learning, improving, and enacting innovative pest control methods on homes across Texas. Call us today to book a free home inspection and get pests under control with the Innovative Way.


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