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Pest problems are almost as varied as the businesses that get them. They are as small as a bacterium and as large a raccoon. And, when they invade, they can affect your reputation and your bottom line. Here are some pests that plague businesses in our East Texas service area, and a few things you should know most about them.


These dirty insects are a serious threat to any business. When they get into restaurants they spread illness to stored food, cooking surfaces, dishes, and more. When they get into hospitals, they contaminate clean rooms. When they get into warehouses, they taint shipments. But cockroaches aren’t just a threat to businesses that deal with food. They can ruin the reputation of any business and cause low morale.


Groceries stores, restaurants, and other business that display food, must keep a strong defense against flies. These insects can quickly go from trash receptacles to produce in a matter of seconds.


Like cockroaches, rodents are a significant threat for illness. They spread harmful bacteria and diseases when they get in. They can also spread secondary pests like ticks, mites, fleas, and more. This makes rodents bad for all businesses.

Bed Bugs

These blood-eating pests are quickly becoming public enemy number one for businesses in Texas. They primarily invade hotels, motels, resorts, and other temporary lodgings, but they have started popping up a lot more in many other places. Daycares get them when kids bring them from home. Nursing homes get them when family comes to visit. Libraries get them when books are returned from an infested home. The list of businesses that have been affected by bed bugs is long.  


No business in Texas is safe from termites, though termites aren’t considered a commercial pest. Commercial pest control is usually focused on health and safety. But, termites can cause significant damage to the commercial property. 


There are many ways ants can create a problem. Fire ants plague customers on your property. Carpenter ants eat away at wooden structures you own or maintain. Crazy ants get into your electrical boxes a cause a short. Odorous house ants spread illness in your kitchen, pantry, storeroom, or break area. The list goes on and on.


If your customers spend time outside when they visit your business, they may be concerned about mosquitoes, especially with Zika virus in the news. Mosquito service will not only reduce the threat, it creates goodwill with your customers when you post a sign that lets them know you’ve invested in mosquito service for their protection.


We have quite a selection of spiders in our state. When they get inside a business they can scare customers and employees. They may also lead to an unwanted incident. It is best to keep those creepy crawlies outside.


If you own a golf course, we don’t have to tell you what a nightmare moles can be. Their raised tunnels and volcano-like mounds are more than an eyesore, they cost you money to fix. Any business that has invested in landscaping will watch money go down the tubes when moles invade.

Stinging Pests

Yellow jackets, bees, or hornets can be a pain–quite literally. They plague customers and employees with their painful stings. If you rent apartments, the presence of stinging pests could drive away a potential tenant. If a parent is deciding whether or not they will choose your daycare or the one down the street, stinging pests in the outside play area may be the deciding factor.

Commercial Pest Control

No business should ever be without a pest plan. Bugs and wildlife never stop encroaching. And the problems these creatures cause seem to be unending.

If you own or manage a business in Tyler Texas or our East Texas service area, connect with us today to have a customized commercial pest control program developed for your business. We use modern Integrated Pest Management and employ trained experts who use specialized products and materials to make sure all of the businesses we protect are in compliance and ready for business. Get innovative solutions with Innovative Pest Control.


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