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You’ll know when crickets have entered your East Texas home because of their chirping. A male house cricket can “sing” for hours at a time. This noise is made by the cricket rubbing his wings together and not from his mouth. If you’re hearing this sound, it’s not a good sign. A cricket’s chirping is how they attract and call in a mate. In other words, this chirping means crickets are breeding on your property or inside your home and crickets can multiply surprisingly fast. That’s why it’s important to remove an infestation as soon as possible!   

 Crickets Are A Year-Round Threat To Your Home

Crickets can enter a home at any time throughout the year. Often they will enter in the winter for warmth and shelter. They can also enter during any season in search of food. If crickets are around your home, there’s a chance they’ll find a way in to hunt for a food source. Crickets have a varying diet. They’ll eat just about any human food they find in your kitchen and it can be surprising how easily they chew through the packaging. When outdoors, they feed on plants, rotting plants, leaves, fruit, and more. Knowing what crickets eat can be helpful when dealing with crickets on your property.

Throughout the summer and early fall is when crickets can become a real problem. Often mistaken as harmless, crickets can cause a lot of property damage. They’ll chew through food packages, clothes, carpets, fabric, rubber, papers, and much more. Since they multiply quickly, this damage multiplies quickly too. Not only will there be chew marks, but you might also notice stains from their droppings. One of the other major problems is the sleepless nights caused by this nocturnal pest. If they’ve invaded the structure of your home, you could hear their chirping in any room, sometimes even behind the walls.

Prevention Steps

  • Declutter the cluttered areas of the home.
  • Clean frequently.
  • Keep food stored in airtight containers.
  • Seal any entry points that have allowed them in.

Professional Pest Control Is The Answer

Rather than trying to control the cricket population on your own, professional help can save time, energy, and money. At Innovative Pest Control, our residential pest control plans can keep pests out of your home year round. No more worrying about sleepless nights, damage to your property, or health threats. Learn if our year-round pest control is right for you. Contact Innovative Pest today to learn more!


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