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There are many reasons to call Innovative when you start to see fire ant mounds in your East Texas yard. The most important reason is that Fire ants can be dangerous pests. For those who are allergic to their venom, a single fire ant bite can lead to life-threatening symptoms. But you don’t have to be deathly allergic to fire ant venom for these ants to present a threat. A baby laying on a blanket in the grass or sitting in a car carrier on the porch can be in trouble if fire ants start to swarm. Babies can’t move away from fire ants when they bite. The same is true for some elderly people or people who are disabled. For anyone who can’t get away from them, fire ants can be a serious problem in your yard and also inside your home. But, most of the time, the reason homeowners call us for fire ant control is that they’re irritating pests that ruin outdoor fun.

Can I do it myself?

What do you do if you see fire ants when you’re out in your yard? Can you control them yourself? We wish we could say yes; the truth is, fire ants are hard to control, and when homeowners try to control them, they end up wasting a lot of time and money only to keep suffering with those ants in their yard. This has driven some homeowners to take drastic measures that have lead to hospitalization. (As a side note, it is never a good idea to put gasoline in a fire ant hole and try to burn those ants to death.)

Innovative Pest Control

What’s in a name? Everything. When you reach out to Innovative Pest Control, there are a few things you can expect.

  • Your Innovative pest professional will use the latest methods to track down fire ants in your yard.
  • Your Innovative pest professional draws on up-to-date pest knowledge to properly diagnose the network of fire ant colonies in your yard.
  • Your fire ant problem will be addressed with field-tested products and the most innovative pest control strategies in the industry because we have pest control experts on staff.

When fire ants appear, let the team at Innovative Pest Control take care of that ant problem. When it comes to solving pest problems, we use state-of-the-art fire ant control solutions that work.


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