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This is the time of year when mosquitoes start to get really bad. When they do, those mosquitoes can cause a lot of problems. They can plague you while you’re trying to enjoy some time outside in your backyard. They can plague you inside your home if they’re able to find an entry point. But most of all, they can make you, and everyone living in your home, sick from the viruses they’re able to carry. Professional treatments for mosquitoes around your home can protect you from mosquitoes outside and inside. But many people don’t do it because they don’t know how mosquito control works. There is a prevailing belief that nothing can be done about mosquitoes. Today, we’re going to explain why mosquito control can really make a difference and why professional mosquito control is worth every penny.

Why Mosquito Control Works

It is tempting to think that mosquitoes blanket the earth and can be found flying around everywhere. The truth is mosquito don’t fly much. They spend most of their time resting. So, why is it that we think mosquitoes are constantly flying around everywhere? It is mostly because it takes a few seconds for several mosquitoes to start driving you crazy when you go out into your yard. But mosquitoes don’t fly around in your backyard constantly. They find places in your landscaping to rest and wait. When they detect heat and carbon dioxide or sense movement, they check it out. So the mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mosquitoes that are hanging out in your yard. Those are your mosquitoes! But you don’t have to have mosquitoes. Seasonal mosquitoes treatments apply a residue to key locations in your yard where mosquitoes rest. When these simple organisms take a break – and they will – your treated vegetation will be the death of them. It’s just that simple.

Why Mosquito Control Is Worth it

The bottom line is that mosquitoes spread diseases. We could bore you with a startlingly long list of names such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, malaria, and more, but it is more important to understand the medical implications of these viruses. Symptoms of mosquito-borne viruses range from no symptoms at all to death. In between, there is a wide range of symptoms including headache, stomach ache, fever, intense muscle pain, vomiting, brain swelling, and worse. Protecting yourself, your family and your pets from these viruses make mosquito control worth it.

If you live in our Texas service area, reach out to us. Innovative Pest Control is a leader in pest management services. We can help you take a bite out of mosquito populations before those mosquitoes take a bite out of you.


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