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You don’t need to go far to find mosquitoes in Texas. In fact, you can probably find mosquitoes buzzing around your property on any given day. Find out what makes the common pest so dangerous.

What Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

Across the globe, mosquitoes are similar in appearance. A mosquito has a long proboscis, spindly legs, and wings. Of course, you may not even see a mosquito before you recognize its presence. As stealthy creatures, mosquitoes can bite you without you noticing. They leave behind a welt that itches for hours or days afterward. Although only the females bite, there are enough females to make your life miserable.

Dangers Of Mosquitoes

If you think that mosquitoes are merely a nuisance, there are a few things you should know. Some regard mosquitoes as the most dangerous pests on earth, and they’ve earned the title. For centuries, mosquitoes have been spreading diseases to humans. They’re responsible for killing millions of people across the globe. Almost no country is free from the dangers of mosquitoes.
While some pests only spread one or two diseases, mosquitoes are capable of much worse. They can infect people with a long list of diseases, including the Zika virus, yellow fever, and malaria. According to the World Health Organization, over half of the world’s population is in danger from mosquitoes.
One of the issues with mosquitoes is the fact that they bite frequently. There tends to be more than one mosquito in one place, so you could end up with multiple bites. Unfortunately, this puts you at a high risk of catching a mosquito-borne disease. Most people don’t realize just how harmful mosquitoes can be. If you want to keep your household safe, you need to prevent and eliminate mosquitoes.

What Can You Do About Mosquitoes?

If you want to keep pests away, you need to be proactive. Backyards in Texas are very attractive to mosquitoes, so you should do several things to make your yard less appealing.

Get Rid Of Debris

First, you should remove junk and debris from your yard. Anything left lying around has the potential to collect water. Morning dew and rain happen frequently enough to create puddles, which become mosquito breeding grounds. The mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water. Then, the eggs hatch and become larvae. You can see them swimming around stagnant water. In only a short time, the larvae will become adults that bite you and your family.

Keep Vegetation Down

Trees, shrubs, and other plants often attract mosquitoes. They create areas of high humidity, which is ideal for the pest. By limiting your vegetation, you can keep away mosquitoes. If possible, keep vegetation far from your home. Regardless of where the plants are, keep them trimmed and neat. The more overgrown your yard is, the more likely it is that you’ll have mosquitoes.

Mow Your Lawn

Letting your lawn grow too much is one way to invite mosquitos. To keep your yard safe, mow frequently and use a trimmer to get in hard-to-reach place

Fix Your Screens

If you have screens with rips or tears, you should fix them. Small rips are often large enough for mosquitoes to enter; seal them up to keep these pests out.

Protect Yourself In Public

When you’re out in nature, you should also protect yourself. Use bug spray, wear long sleeves and pants, and avoid areas of tall vegetation. Although you can’t keep all mosquitoes away, you can deter some of them.

Hire A Professional

The best form of mosquito protection comes with professional assistance. They’ll take the steps necessary to protect you from pests. Contact the professionals at Innovative Pest Control to inspect your property and develop strategies to control your mosquito population and assure your safety.


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