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Do you remember when mosquitoes were just an annoyance? Do you have a memory of standing around a campfire doing the mosquito dance? You know, the dance where you continually twitch, wiggle, and shimmy to make those mosquitoes get off your skin. If so, then you probably also remember that it didn’t matter how much you did the mosquito dance, you still got itchy, puffy welts all over. But, as much of a nightmare as that was, we didn’t worry all that much about getting a mosquito-borne virus. That isn’t to say that there weren’t any back then, we just didn’t know as much about them as we do now. Let’s take a look at some of the viruses mosquitoes are known to carry and explore some options to protect ourselves.

The Most Common Problem Mosquitoes Cause

Only a tiny fraction of the more than 300 million people in the United States are impacted by mosquito-borne illness each year, but almost all of us are affected by the itchy bites these irritating insects inflict. When they come into our backyards, they can ruin a good cookout, spoil a fun game of badminton, and turn a relaxing time laying in the sun into sheer frustration.


While this virus is new to the United States, it didn’t take long to take center stage. Though 80% of people who get Zika show no symptoms, its ability to cause microcephaly in unborn children at all stages of pregnancy makes it a serious threat for any family.

West Nile

This virus is closely watched by health agencies in the U.S. because it has caused more human fatalities than any other mosquito-borne virus. Thousands of cases are reported each year with deaths reaching the hundreds.


This mosquito-borne pathogen is linked to the deaths of more than a million people in the world each year, mostly in third world countries. Though deaths in the United States are only a handful, it may not always be this way.

Yellow Fever, Chikungunya, & Dengue

These viruses rarely lead to human mortality, but they can be very unpleasant to contract. Dengue fever is often referred to as break-bone fever because the pain is so great. But, even if you don’t feel like your bones are breaking, it is never fun to have a fever, body aches, diarrhea, vomiting, and other symptoms associated with these viruses.

Personal Bite Prevention

  • Though not 100% effective at deterring mosquitoes, mosquito repellent is the best way to prevent bites. If you don’t prefer to spray chemicals on your skin, try spraying it on your clothing or consider a natural alternative like a repellent made from oil of lemon eucalyptus.
  • Mosquitoes are most active in the morning and the evening because they hide from the drying effects of the sun. Staying inside during times of activity can reduce bites.
  • Wearing clothing with long sleeves and pant legs will give those mosquitoes less real estate to nibble on.
  • Studies have shown that mosquitoes are drawn to people who have consumed alcohol. Be aware of this when you are consuming beer and other alcoholic beverages outside. You may get some unwanted attention.
  • Mosquitoes choose targets that are easier for them to lock onto. Wearing bright colors can make you a harder target for these insects that look for a strong silhouette.
  • If you go to a location that has wetlands, take greater precautions.
  • Body sweat, heat, and CO2 all make you more attractive to mosquitoes. Working out, jogging, and other strenuous activity can lure mosquitoes to you.

Backyard Mosquito Prevention

  • If you have a bug zapper, it is a good idea to get rid of it. While zappers are great at luring mosquitoes into your yard, they are only effective at killing male (non-biting) mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes aren’t good fliers. If you’re able to create a breeze with fans, it could be enough to keep them off you.
  • Address areas in your yard where water is able to pool. Mosquitoes can breed in a half cup of water.
  • Invest in seasonal mosquito reduction service.

For residential or commercial mosquito reduction in Tyler Texas and the surrounding area, reach out to Innovative Pest Control. There is no better way to protect your yard and your family from the threat of mosquitoes.


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