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Even though most spider species in the area aren’t considered dangerous to humans, spiders are scary to look at, and even if you’re not particularly terrified of them, they still aren’t pleasant to have around. One of the most common kinds of spiders in Texas is the wolf spider. They are a large spider that grows to an inch and a half long and is known for their thick legs and stout bodies. There are actually many varieties of wolf spiders, and many of them have hairy bodies and legs. Their coloring is usually a dark brown with pale yellow markings. However, while just like all spiders they do have fangs and venom, this venom isn’t potent enough to hurt you, and it’s also unlikely that they will bite.  

Where Will You Find Wolf Spiders?

One of the most distinct aspects of wolf spider behavior that sets them apart from many other spiders is that they don’t create webs to catch the pretty. These spiders will hunt down their prey by chasing them down which is why having a wolf in their name is so appropriate. Because of this, they are able to run and move quickly. While it can look like wolf spiders are aggressive because of this, they usually just want to get away from people.

Wolf spiders are also nocturnal, so during the day, they look for places to hide. However, they usually only come inside of buildings in search of prey as they prefer living outdoors. When they do get inside, they are usually found near ground level next to baseboards or under furniture. Outside, they often use stones, firewood, and fallen trees as shelter.  

Seven Easy Ways To Prevent Wolf Spiders

While wolf spiders aren’t going to hurt you, they are still unpleasant.  Also, a wolf spider infestation is often a sign that you have other underlying pest issues that are attracting these spiders to your property. To help prevent wolf spiders and their smaller pest prey, we’ve put together a list of seven simple prevention steps you can take: 

  • Reduce access points by sealing up cracks and holes in walls
  • Eliminate more entry points by fixing any broken screens
  • Place weather stripping around doors and windows
  • Set up door sweeps
  • Reduce excess moisture by fixing leaky plumbing
  • Store firewood neatly, keep it 30 feet away from the exterior of any buildings
  • Clean up food spills and store food in airtight containers 

Preventing And Removing Wolf Spiders

Just because wolf spiders are a nuisance pest doesn’t mean you want to have them around your home or business. While there are various prevention methods, the most effective method of handling wolf spiders and other spiders in Texas is to contact the experts at Innovative Pest Control. With over 25 years of residential and commercial pest control experience, our trained, friendly technicians provide cutting-edge treatments that prevent and control both spiders and their pest prey. We make it easy to get started by offering free, no-obligation inspections. You can request your free inspection by contacting us at Innovative Pest Control online or by giving us a call at (903) 326-7395.


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