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Imagine enjoying a peaceful day outside with your family, and it turning suddenly very bad. If you aren’t careful and you don’t realize you have a fire ant problem, you, your pets, or your family could end up being bitten by these harmful pests. In fact, fire ants are responsible for many emergency rooms visits each year. Fire ants will construct large mounds (ranging from 4 inches to 2 feet tall) around your yard and if disturbed by something stepping on it or poking it, they will become highly aggressive.

How Fire Ants Are Harmful

Once bitten, their venom releases toxins into the body that cause extreme itching and stinging. Unfortunately, it is rare to be bitten only once, as the ant’s defense tactic is to swarm, which usually results in numerous bites. It’s also possible for people with allergies to suffer more serious complications. The toxins from the bites may cause the person to go into anaphylactic shock. It’s particularly important for Texan homeowners to be aware of how dangerous fire ants can be because the state of Texas is seeing more fire ant populations than ever before.

Professional Fire Ant Control For Your Home

Unfortunately, many homeowners try to take care of fire ants using DIY solutions. This rarely solves the problem completely and you often end up with angry fire ants and a lot of bites. Luckily, Innovative Pest Control is here to help with trusted and efficient services. Professionals have the experience, equipment, and safe protocols and the most effective products to ensure that these troublesome ants are removed completely and efficiently. Innovative Pest Control offers homeowners different levels of our Advantage Plans dependent upon your needs. These plans include quarterly visits throughout the year and come with our pest-free guarantee. If you have problems with fire ants, or any other pests common to Texas, call Innovative Pest Control today. In the meantime, keep an eye out for signs of fire ants and avoid coming into contact with them, wait for the pest control professionals at Innovative Pest Control to remove the threat safely.

Here at Innovative Pest Control, we guarantee fire ant elimination through our fire ant control program. Our program is designed around the biology of the fire ant so that we can achieve the maximum benefit of treatments. The treatments come as a series of two outdoor applications. The optimum time for treatment one is in April. During this treatment, one of our highly trained technicians performs an inspection to determine the origins of the fire ant issues. Next, they will use a highly effective product to treat those areas. The second treatment will be done in September when a technician will return and perform another inspection of your property. This process is proven to combat fire ants all year long.


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