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Hosting a pest infestation in your lawn is always less than desirable, but hosting a group of these quirky household pests just stinks – literally!

The brown marmorated stink bug also referred to simply as the stink bug, is a rapidly expanding species of insects here in the United States. Sharp, brown, and shield-shaped in appearance, this ½ to 1-inch bug poses problems for homeowners all over the area.

These creatures are not inherently native to America, although they behave much as if they were. Introduced from East Asia during the mid-1990s, these insects quickly established a presence within 44 states. 

While stink bugs are not capable of cutting, biting, or otherwise stinging human flesh, they can create household problems of many other sorts. When found in large numbers, stink bugs are capable of destroying gardens, orchards, vegetable patches, and even household plants. Unless you stop them early in their invasion, these destructive bugs can destroy the fruits of your hard-earned labor, laying waste to dozens of hours of yard work.

Prevention Techniques For Stink Bugs On Your Property

Whether you call them stink bugs, stink beetles, or shield bugs, you already know that these pests have simply got to go. Get started on your household stink bug prevention techniques by utilizing each of the following tips:

  • Exchange the LED bulbs in any outdoor lighting areas, opting instead of yellow or sodium vapor bulbs. If the stink bug population is particularly severe, homeowners can install specialized purple bulbs that are invisible to many types of outdoor pests, lowering their swarming frequency.
  • Seal up any crevices that have formed within the walls or foundations of your home.
  • Install weatherproofing around doors and windows.

True stink bug control always begins with prevention. Established infestations are much less apt to respond to new methods. To survey the extent of the stink bug menace near your home, schedule an appointment with the professionals at Innovative Pest Control now.

Stink Bug Protection With Innovative Pest Control

Stink bugs are not necessarily physical threats, but they certainly are mental and emotional concerns for homeowners all around the area. Their destructive crop-eating behaviors, coupled with their foul odors and heat-seeking tendencies, make them some of the least desirable house guests in the state. Of course, prevention techniques and various methods are helpful in keeping them out of your home. However, they don’t always do the trick. Traps, baits, and other over the counter remedies treat the symptoms of an underlying issue, not the root cause of the pest infestation.

Treating stink bug activity begins with your initiative, but permanent control is always better placed in the laps of the professionals. The best form of stink bug protection comes from on-going professional assistance in the form of Innovative Pest Control. Spending years perfecting the ideal stink bug elimination technique, our trained professionals are called miracle workers by some and magicians by others. Answering the call of our needy customers, Innovative Pest Control lives up to the name by providing only the best and most cutting-edge treatment options on the market today.

Call your local office to learn more about the residential pest control plans we offer. Want to get some questions answered first? Don’t hesitate to complete the online contact form and get in touch with our team as soon as possible. We’re ready and waiting to take on your stink bug scourge.


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