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Aggressive insects with a sting that packs a punch, it isn’t wise to try squaring off against one of these dangerous creatures alone.

Hornets are the largest of the eusocial wasps, measuring up to a whopping 5.5 centimeters in length. Like their close cousin the yellow jacket, hornets are often yellow and black in appearance and boast an elbowed pair of brown antennae on their heads. Six spindly legs and two large wings complete the picture of this terrible stinging insect. You may not be able to perfectly identify them on sight, but you will certainly hear them coming – and probably run away quickly, too.

As a eusocial insect, hornets build nests that include workers, queens, and drones. With a venom more potent than any species of wasp, hornets are bigger, stronger, and far more deadly than any other stinging insect in the states. Unlike honeybees, the hornet is able to sting their victims multiple times in a row until ‘neutralized.’ Unless their stings are handled carefully, potential fatalities may occur.

Hornet Prevention Tips For Concerned Homeowners

Some of the techniques used to make Texas lawns appear less favorable to hornets include:

  • Keep all food waste and refuse sealed in a tight, approved bin. If this is not possible, ensure that the lids of all trash receptacles remain tightly closed. This will prevent wasp populations from establishing themselves in your lawn on false pretenses.
  • Seal birdseed, dog food, and other unique types of feed-in plastic containers with airtight lids.
  • Be wary of wearing strong perfumes or other scents when hanging around the exterior of the home. This may attract hornets to your location, raising your chances of being stung.
  • Eliminate the chances of hornets entering the home by assessing door and window screens for signs of damage. Use patches to seal up smaller tears, or simply invest in newer screens for ultimate protection.

Of course, on-going professional assistance is a must-have in pest prevention, even for infrequent invaders such as hornets. To get your lawn checked for dangerous hornet activity, schedule a free home inspection through the trustworthy agents of Innovative Pest Control.

Handling Ancient Pests With Innovative Pest Control

As you may well imagine, it is extremely dangerous to attempt handling an existing hornet infestation on your own. Capable of stinging multiple times, the combination of hot tempers and extreme territoriality is never a good thing for the DIY homeowner who wants to give nest removal a try. In the past year alone, nearly 100 people have fallen victim to the extreme death of hornet stings, most of them healthy adults. To protect yourself, your family, and all those you love, you must rely on professional hornet extraction at the first sign of stinging insect infestation. 

Get the treatment and care you deserve by contacting the friendly operatives at Innovative Pest Control right away. Our cutting-edge methods and established Integrated Pest Management tactics allow us to immediately remove pests from the home and lawn. Protective barriers and regular inspection visits allow us to stay on the ball at all times, scouting for any signs of repeat infestations or developing concerns. With nearly 30 years of hands-on experience, Innovative Pest Control has been Texas’ go-to expert for hornet removal, control, and beyond.

For more information about Innovative Pest Control and our unique approach to residential hornet management, give us a call. When you’re ready to try out the next step of the process, try filling out our online contact form for review as soon as possible. We’re here to keep pests in check, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


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