How You Can Keep Your East Texas Home Bed Bug-Free This Summer

Bed bug

When bed bugs appear in a home, panic can ensue. This is because most homeowners don't know where bed bugs come from, how they get into their home, or how to effectively get rid of them. This is understandable. Bed bugs are sort of a new pest problem. They were eliminated from the U.S. for nearly half a century due to a controversial pesticide called DDT. But now they're back with a vengeance. And while they can be controlled with systematic strategies, these strategies require everyone to get involved. This is because bed bugs spread from structure to structure. They don't get into your home from your yard. Here are two things you need to know most about how to prevent bed bug infestations in your Texas home this summer.

Bed Bugs Are Hard To Control

Without the use of a chemical agent like DDT, that has a medical downside, bed bugs can't be easily controlled. These are resourceful and resilient insects. They have had to be clever to live almost exclusively with humans since the dawn of time. When they get into a home, they are very hard to exterminate. Why are bed bugs so difficult for homeowners to treat on their own? One of the biggest reasons is that bed bugs don't only live in beds. You can't just throw your bed out to stop an infestation. Bed bugs can live in electronics, behind baseboards, inside your walls, under your rugs, and many other places.

What is the solution for bed bugs?

We describe the strategies for how Texas homeowners can protect themselves from bed bugs with year-round bed bug prevention. We strongly recommend you take a look at that article to get a handle on how DIY bed bug prevention works. But the most effective way to keep bed bugs and other bugs from taking root in your home and causing you misery is to invest in residential pest control service from Innovative Pest Control. Our team will advise you on how to detect bed bugs when they try to hitchhike into your home and they will respond quickly when bed bugs do appear in your home. You won't have to ever suffer with a bed bug infestation. You'll have the best protection possible. Plus you'll be protecting your home from a wide range of other dangerous pests such as cockroaches, ticks, and rodents. Reach out to us today and request a free, no-obligation pest control inspection to get started.

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