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It can be startling to find a centipede in your home. The appearance of these creatures can make homeowners cringe – especially since when you see one, there are usually more not far behind. All it takes is a way in and centipedes can start bombarding your home.

What are centipedes?

Centipedes are a brownish-yellow color with dark lines down their backs. They typically reach about an inch in length with a long, slim body. Down a centipede’s body, you’ll notice lots of legs. Each body segment of a centipede has one pair of legs. Centipedes eat a variety of other insects, which is what can bring them inside a home. They’ll feed on flies, cockroaches, spiders, crickets, silverfish, and other insects. They aren’t usually dangerous to humans, but they can deliver a bite when they feel threatened. This bite will feel similar to a bee sting.

Centipedes do not hibernate. During the cooler months, they find a sheltered location to live, which could be your home – especially if other insects have the same idea. As the weather warms, they become more active. Their food sources become more prevalent and they will hunt for moist, dark locations to dwell in that offer a meal nearby. If your home has humid locations, this is probably where you’ll find centipedes. Basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and crawlspaces are all places that will attract this pest.

How are they getting in?

Centipedes are probably getting in through cracks and small openings in your home. Finding and sealing these can prevent future pests. Caulk around doors and windows, and check the weatherstripping around doors (including garage doors) to make sure they are not damaged. Other helpful prevention tips include addressing moisture problems, vacuuming inside regularly, and cleaning up yard debris to prevent habitats. If your yard provides attractive habitats to live in, such as wood, rock, or compost piles, this could eventually lead to centipedes finding their way inside your home.

Centipede Control You Can Trust

Innovative Pest Control’s comprehensive home pest treatments can keep you protected from centipedes and other pests that invade homes. With our mild temperatures, pests can invade any time of the year. It’s important to actively prevent insects from entering the home year-round. If you’re worried about pests, find out if Innovative’s year-round pest control is right for you. Pest control is recommended even before moving in.

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