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Despite their name, silverfish are, in fact, insects, and they’re one of the most common bugs infesting human homes. Despite their prevalence, silverfish are rarely discussed, and many homeowners don’t know much about them at all. Are they potentially harmful to you?

Silverfish are tiny insects, less than half an inch in length, with, as the name implies, a silver hue and two long antennae. The bugs sport three more spare appendages, one straight out the tail end, and two more adjacent to it on either side. While they may be unsightly, almost like a minuscule version of an aquatic, fossilized creature (hence their name), silverfish are not harmful to humans, lacking in any sting, bite, or carrier status that makes other pests a problem. These bugs are sneaky, making it difficult to know exactly how big their invasion of your home has become.

Common Entry Points For The Silverfish

It might be easy to assume silverfish could possibly just appear in your home. Truth is, these sneaky bugs always come from somewhere, and they’ve been hiding their entryways long enough! Innovative Pest Control is here to expose the silverfish’s greatest secrets:

  • Ever wonder why these pests are called silverfish, when they are clear members of the insect family? It might just have something to do with their love of moisture and one of their most common entry points: exposed pipes or even faucets.
  • Moisture doesn’t just collect in leaky pipes — sometimes, holes can fill around the foundation of the home. Even if these holes are dry, they can still prove vital for curious nearby silverfish.
  • If you’re ever in a stage of moving, be especially diligent and observant with the cardboard boxes you shuffle about. Oftentimes, these boxes can collect a stray silverfish or two, who inevitably start a family as they are let loose in your destination.
  • Finally, be sure to check the lining of your walls. Being small as they are, even the smallest cracks and crevices can be pathways for insects into your home.

Tips For Preventing Silverfish in Your Property

Now that you know how silverfish find their way indoors, the next step is knowing how to keep these pests out of your beautiful home. Here is a list of time-tested silverfish prevention tips:

  • First and most importantly, fix leaking pipes around the exterior of your home! With the extra moisture around, silverfish are less likely to take interest in the pipes, but for safety’s sake, make sure you put seals on them.
  • Minuscule gaps in your walls’ exteriors are red flags for potential silverfish passage, so we suggest patching them up right away.
  • These pests may not be as adept at digging as they are climbing, but you still need to fill in sinking spots around your property’s foundation. After all, the moisture silverfish love so much serves to make soil nice and weak for them.

Basement or attic, you don’t want silverfish anywhere near your property. For more advice or assistance, contact the professionals at Innovative Pest Control, the providers of the most in-depth silverfish treatment strategies in Longview.


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