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We all know the story of the kid who walks into school one day and infects their entire class with bed bugs. Considering how quickly these pests can multiply, are you certain quick DIY tips can quell an infestation in your home?

The bed bug is a tiny, brown creature with a rotund, segmented abdomen much larger than its compact thorax might suggest. These insects are infamous for finding their way into human homes and nesting between the mattresses, sheets, and pillows on human beds. If they bite, you may suffer from a plethora of unfortunate side effects, so people are often desperate to find ways of dealing with an infestation. This often results in using DIY bed bug treatment tips to try to handle the problem, whether in the hope of a cheap remedy, a quick one, or anything in between.

The Hidden Costs Behind Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Treatment Strategies

So you think do-it-yourself methods are best for getting rid of bed bugs? They can be helpful at the moment, but these tips often fail to get at the heart of an infestation, providing ample opportunity for pests to regrow the numbers they lose. Below is a list of seemingly simple bed bug treatment tricks and the hidden costs behind them:

  • It is often suggested to store your clothes in vacuum seal bags, suffocating any bed bugs on them while not being worn. This can work, but the cost for buying bags for your entire wardrobe can be daunting, on top of the extra time spent having to seal and unseal anything you ever want to wear from then on.
  • Bed bugs love the type of low budget motel room management doesn’t bother to thoroughly clean, so if you want to lower travel costs in a place like this, you’re going to need to not only buy all the equipment necessary to clear the room but perform all the measures before you can even set down your bags. After a long day of travel, all this work will be nothing less than an excruciating hassle.
  • “Give pests like the bed bug fewer places to hide,” they say. And, “It’s easy, just clear up all your clutter.” Not all homes are made the same, and for some people, decluttering an entire home will take more than half an hour of rearranging. Heck, it’s not likely to even take just a day. Is all your free time for the next week worth only limiting the places bed bugs can hide?

Removing Bed Bugs Completely With Innovative Pest Control

The fact of the matter is clear. If you want to destroy a bed bug infestation, the cheapest and most effective option is going to be employing professionals, and when it comes to Texas treatment, no one is more professional than the specialists at Innovative Pest Control. Our experts have developed the ultimate three-step process for ridding Longview homes of these pests once and for all.

  1. The professionals at Innovative Pest Control don’t skimp when conducting an inspection of your home. We determine areas of interest and investigate the rooms completely, covering whatever fabrics, carpets, or furniture they may be hiding in. To assist in the inspection process, we use specialized tools to probe within the cracks and crevices of walls and other surfaces, assuring you know exactly where the problems lie.
  2. When our thorough inspection is completed, the team will come to you to lay out a proposal for a bed bug treatment plan. With perimeters relating to the severity and personal preferences of the homeowners, we’ll develop a service schedule on the spot, backed by our bed bug treatment guarantee.
  3. Continuing to work with our clients, Innovative Pest Control will achieve optimal results through the execution of our bed bug extermination and future prevention services. You’ll see the measures of your choice, from liquid treatments and mattress casings, applied on initial treatment and follow-up days, until your infestation is far behind you.

The bed bug is a tricky pest. Sure, sheets can be cleaned, but unless you can locate and eliminate potential families around the house, your beds and heads are still in jeopardy. Don’t let bed bugs prosper! Contact Innovative Pest Control to take effective action today.


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