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When you see little, slimy, silvery insects wiggling around on the floor of your bathroom, it can make you uneasy. It isn’t fun to find any kind of wiggly bug in your house. But silverfish aren’t just creepy to look at. They are harbingers. If you’re not familiar with this term; it means a thing or person that signals the approach of another. Here’s what it means when you see silverfish in your home.

A Warning Sign Of Things To Come

It is important to understand that, while silverfish eat many things, wood isn’t one of them. These insects don’t chew their way into homes. They take advantage of holes created by other pests, such as carpenter ants, mice, rats, termites, powder post beetles and more. So their appearance in your bathroom (or some other humid location in your home) might be a warning sign that other pests are damaging the wood of your home. If your home is being damaged by pests, you can expect more and more pests to enter your home. Silverfish are tiny insects that climb in through tiny openings. Soon you’ll have larger pests frequenting your common areas. You’ll also have an increase in the problems that come with having pests inside your home.

Silverfish Damage

Along with damage from other pests, silverfish can also cause damage in your home. They feed on starches found in clothing, paper, books, magazines, photos, wallpaper, bedding, tapestries, curtains, and more. These items will be at greater risk in rooms that are humid or damp.

Silverfish Can Be Pantry Pests

When silverfish get into your home, it is possible that they will target food packages in your pantry or storage rooms. They feed on foods that have starches, such as flour, pasta, and cereal. If they get into your foods, they can contaminate them with their presence, but they aren’t known to spread diseases or harmful bacteria.

Silverfish Don’t Bite

If you’re concerned about these insects biting you, we have good news. The mouthparts of a silverfish aren’t strong enough to bite human skin. In fact, they don’t really bite at all. When a silverfish feeds, it scrapes on the material it is eating, rather than biting it.

How To Get Control of Silverfish

If you’re finding silverfish in your home, there are a few things you can do that will reduce, eliminate, and keep them out. The process includes humidity control, traps, and exclusion.

  • Humidity Control — If you have damp rooms in your home, you can install dehumidifiers or fans to get control of that humidity. In rooms that already have a fan, such as your bathroom, it is important to use it. That fan will vent moisture out of your bathroom while you’re taking a shower or bath and make your bathroom less habitable for silverfish.
  • Traps — Laying sticky traps down can help you reduce the silverfish population in your home, and help you monitor silverfish activity. When done properly, this can be very helpful for getting control of these insects.
  • Exclusion —  If you manage to eliminate some or all of the silverfish in your home, you’re going to want to make sure more don’t come in. Do a detailed inspection of your home’s exterior and fill in any gaps, cracks, holes, recesses, and other possible entry points. Check to make sure your screens, weatherstripping, door sweeps, vent covers, and weep hole protectors are all in good working condition.

Exterior Management

There are conditions around your home that can promote silverfish activity and increase the population of silverfish near your home. Addressing these conditions can help to reduce the population and reduce your chances of these tiny insects finding entry points in your exterior that you missed.

  • Clean your gutters
  • Rake up leaves and grass clippings
  • Trim your landscaping
  • Remove weeds
  • Water your plants in the morning
  • Fix plumbing issues

How Innovative Can Help

When you want the best possible pest control for silverfish and other pests, it pays to reach out to Innovative Pest Control. Our pest professionals know how to track down and eliminate all pests inside your home, and we can give your exterior the protection it needs to prevent future infestations. If you have questions or would like to schedule a service, connect with us today. We’re here to help.


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