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You can lock your doors and seal your windows, but security alone won’t be enough to keep these sneaky break-in artists out of the house. It is incredibly common to see rodents such as rats and mice in the area. But don’t confuse ‘common’ with ‘harmless’: Rodents cause an enormous amount of damage to homes. From property damage to food contamination, the spread of chronic illness is always a threat. 

Rodents are attracted to five primary elements in a home:

  • Food: Rodents love having easy access to food items, especially grains such as cereals or rice. 
  • Water: If rats and mice can access some form of water, they will be able to survive and thrive for a long time. 
  • Shelter: Rodents prefer warm, dry, safe places in order to raise their young. 
  • Safety: Rats and mice prefer to be out of sight and barricaded behind objects. 
  • Privacy: The fewer humans are around to spoil their plans, the better.

If you are concerned that your rodents could be attracted to one of the elements listed here, it will be important to carefully read through the five tips listed below.

Five Tips On How To Identify And Seal Up Potential Rodent Entry Points

Rodents can get into homes through a variety of methods. Some rats may crawl through chimneys and open windows accessible through tree branches. Other rodents chew their way into the home through weak drywall or wood beams and still others sneak through holes the size of a quarter, pushing their tiny, flexible bodies into your home.

Here are five straightforward tips about how to keep rodents out of your home:

  1. Look for cracks along the foundations of the home. These may be clearly visible, or they could be lingering under mulching or soil. The best time to look is after some light rain, where water could be slower to evaporate from cracks and crevices.
  2. Check for rips and tears in screen doors or windows.
  3. Add a chimney cap to your chimney stack.
  4. Monitor the home for fissures forming inside the house.
  5. Ensure that all doors and windows meet a flat surface when closed.

Once you have done each of these steps, have your home inspected for further issues through a free home inspection from Innovative Pest Control.

The Sixth Tip – Professional Assistance With Innovative Pest Control

The above five tips are excellent suggestions for homeowners looking to manually identify and remove entry points from their homes. However, these tips alone will not be enough to remove an already present problem. Should pests be knocking at your front door, it will be imperative to act fast on the sixth and most important rodent prevention tip: professional assistance. 
The best form of rodent protection has always been prevention. However, the best form of rodent treatment will always be professional pest control. Since the early years of 1992, Innovative Pest Control has been providing homeowners with the services they need to complete both forms of rodent control quickly, easily, and affordably. A service agent is dispatched to your home at the first sign of a rodent infestation, carrying the knowledge and expertise you need to diagnose pest problems. Several treatments and follow-up visits later, your home will be safe and rodent-free once more. We’ve got your back! 
Root out rats and mitigate your mouse problems with some help from Innovative Pest Control. Call us directly, chat with us online, or schedule a home visit to address your concerns right away. Let Innovative Pest Control partner with you to deliver results you can see, feel, and understand. Reach out to us today!


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