The Complete Guide To Black Widow Spiders For Property Owners

Black Widow Spider

One thing everyone knows about spiders is they are a predator for insects and most of them use webs in their hunting. Considering their desire to prey on nuisance pests, it’s a fair thought that spiders might be beneficial for people. However, there are some arachnids out there that cause more harm than benefits for humans. One such spider is the Black Widow.

This spider is approximately the size of a half-dollar and is shiny black. Black widows spiders are further identified by the hourglass shape located on their body. While this shape is traditionally red, they are also known to be orange, white, or even tan.

In the event you haven’t located the spider itself, the tangled and messy webs they leave behind can identify them. As a rule, this spider likes dark and undisturbed areas, which make locations such stacks of wood, garage corners, and other similarly sheltered places a perfect nesting ground for them. The good news is that black widow spiders don’t seek out humans, but they will bite if they feel threatened.

Analysis Of A Bite

When a person thinks of the dangers a spider bite can bring, a black widow spider bite easily comes to mind. Their bite is immediately painful and the pain only increases as time moves on. In addition, severe muscle cramps are common and begin as soon as a couple of hours after the initial bite. If you’re not sure if you’ve suffered a black widow bite, look at the bite mark for tiny puncture wounds with a bit of local swelling.

In some cases, you will need hospital treatment due to a need for antivenin. However, fatal bites are extremely rare. Take extra care to seek treatment if the victim is a child, elderly, or is having a strong reaction to the bite. Signs of a strong reaction include severe pain that can mimic appendicitis or a heart attack or difficulty breathing.

Severe bite reactions are treated with a combination of narcotics for the pain, muscle relaxants for the cramps, and antivenin for breathing problems. You will also need to ensure you have protection from tetanus if bitten. Anyone that is without a tetanus booster shot in the last five years is at elevated risk.

Keeping Black Widows Away

With the proper precautions, it is easy to reduce the black widow population in your home and on your property. That’s why we recommend taking advantage of these spider prevention tips:

  • Remove entry points: This spider is small, which means they can fit through the same cracks and crevices other pests can slip through. This problem is easily remedied by using silicone caulk to fill these gaps.
  • Windows and trim: Spider prey will slip through compromised window screens and trim. As such, black widows will follow since they can fit through as well. Maintain your home and they have fewer ways to enter.
  • Landscaping: Tall grass, overgrown hedges, and branches close to the house all represent things a spider might interpret as an invitation to stay. Practice good landscaping to limit the pest population including black widow spiders.
  • Firewood storage: Black widow spiders love to hide in wood piles and other organic materials. As such, if you choose to have such piles, make sure to store them far away from the house to ensure they don’t become a bridge to your home.

Remove Black Widows With Innovative Pest Control

When pests of any kind invade the home, it makes for a frustrating and unenjoyable living experience. At Innovative Pest Control, we believe this is a problem you shouldn’t have to live with. That’s why our team has focused on keeping pests like black widow spiders out of homes for over 25 years.

We offer a range of treatment plans designed with your needs and budget in mind so that you can rest easy knowing we have you covered. We don’t offer a simple guarantee but instead offer a powerful promise that with us at the wheel your pest problems will be taken care of once and for all.

Do you need spider prevention services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.

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