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Skittering in the walls? Strange smells? Missing food items? If you don’t smell a rodent problem yet, it’s about time you do! Texas pests such as rats and mice have been a plague on the human population for decades. Furry bodies, pink tails, and sharp squeaking sounds are often enough evidence to pinpoint their presence within the home. While homeowners rarely harbor both species in the house at the same time, the damage a single rodent can cause will often be enough to make you sick – literally! 

Rats and mice are some of the most dangerous pests on the planet. Apart from physical damage such as scratching or biting, rodents often carry an abundance of serious pathogens. Even puddles of waste and carrion carry contaminated water droplets that may infect human hosts. This means that even the things rodents leave behind may send you straight to the hospital!

Why Rodents Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

Pests are considered pests due to the fact that they enter and exit homes with relative ease. However, rodents such as rats and mice are perhaps the most difficult to get and keep out, especially in the southern states. Below are some of the common reasons why rodents are so difficult to control in a residential setting:

  • Prolific Nature: Mice and rats have been known to produce anywhere from 30-60 kits per year.
  • Ability To Slip Through Hole: Rodents can enter any hole their heads squeeze through. This includes spaces as small as a quarter.
  • Adaptive Intelligence: No one wants to give these pests any credit (and certainly not us), but rodents happen to be incredibly intelligent household pests. In recent studies completed by top researchers, the rodent brain was found to be surprisingly similar to that of humans. Both mice and rats possess the ability to recognize various shapes and figures, which is why they can learn to avoid your traps and
  • DIY remedies after a very short period of time.

Unsure what kind of rodent could be plaguing the walls and halls of your home? Schedule a free home inspection through the professionals at Innovative Pest Control today to identify which of the two species have bedded down inside.

Get Innovative Pest Control For Innovative Residential Rodent Resources

If rodents have already infiltrated your once-safe home, you may be asking, ‘where do I go from here?’ Preventative measures will no longer keep additional rodents from settling down in the home. DIY remedies and home solutions may help to soften the impact of infestation, but they will do little to remove the offending mammals from the house. 
For total rodent control for your home, lawn, and garden, contact the professionals at Innovative Pest Control today. We know just how important a name can be, which is why we picked the best one to describe how we think, act, and feel about the service we provide all over the North Texas area. More than twenty years in the pest control business has put a lot of things under our belt: dozens of awards, hundreds of customers served, and thousands of rodents eliminated with the innovative treatments that are built to last.

Call the Innovative Pest Control office today to set up a residential home visit that’s right for you. For additional questions or concerns related to our rodent control services, don’t hesitate to chat with us online using the digital contact form. Rodents might be tough to get out, but we’re even tougher. Trust the experts at Innovative Pest Control today!


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