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In the great state of Texas, carpenter ants are a very common sight throughout the year. This is due to the warm average temperatures all year long. Cockroaches don’t slow down much, or die off, at any time. Unfortunately, that means they can grow in population quickly and steadily, and the longer they live in your home, the more costly damage they will cause.

Common Carpenter Ant Hiding Spots

Carpenter ants can usually be found in their natural habitat outdoors nesting in trees, feeding on other insects and honeydew. They can be introduced to your home if they are nesting in nearby firewood, rotten vegetation, decaying trees, or aged fencing, to name a few places. They have a natural desire to chew through wood constantly.

They can enter your home while foraging for protein and sugar food sources such as meat, pet food, jelly, sugar, honey, and syrup. Once carpenter ants have invaded your home, they can usually be found in areas that provide the most moisture like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry areas, and crawl spaces. They will set up nests and colonies inside the wood of your walls for easy access to food and water. Inside that wood, they create tunnels and burrows that will damage and weaken the structure of your home.

Moisture is definitely a big problem that will draw carpenter ants to your home; they prefer damp rotting wood. In order to protect your home from carpenter ant problems, moisture control is a must. Inspect your home on a regular basis for water damage, seal off cracks and crevices in your foundation, and make sure your home is free of leaky pipes or fixtures.

How can you tell if you have carpenter ants?

You may see large black ants traveling around inside your home, these are the worker ants scouting out food for their colony. Where there are 1 or 2 sneaking around your kitchen, there are plenty more thriving throughout the rest of your home causing damage that you cannot see. You may also find fine sawdust piles around wooden structures, along with exit holes or hollow-sounding wood.

Eliminate Carpenter Ants From Your Home

If you have seen signs of carpenter ants, or better yet want to proactively prevent them, your best bet is to call on the professionals at Innovative Pest Control. We know that year-round problems like carpenter ants require year-round protection. We offer free inspections and various pest control plans that are effective and affordable. We are rated as a five-star pest control service that is fully licensed to take care of carpenter ants and other pests common to our Texas climate. For more information, give us a call at Innovative Pest Control, we are happy to help.


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