Why You Should Never Ignore Pest Problems

It’s been a long week of work and you are finally home relaxing in your recliner, exactly where you want to be, when an ant crawls across the arm of the chair, or on the floor in front of you. No big deal, you take care of it, chalk it up to life, and hardly give it a second thought. But some people are horrified a few months later when a wall starts to look noticeably warped because that little ant you gave no thought to happened to be a carpenter ant, and the small army that came behind it have been boring holes in your homes wooden frame, weakening the structure when you weren’t looking.

It is all too common that folks are too exhausted, distracted, or uninformed to really consider something so small as the presence of pests to be such a huge problem, but they can be. Pests often go unnoticed or ignored, and by the time you realize the problem is serious, it’s really serious. Pests present a lot of problems that are not generally attributed to them at first, like the mouse you saw, but never caught. That mouse could be carrying a pile of diseases, and will absolutely spread them through your home as it goes, risking infection to you and your family, not a happy thought.

DIY Pest Control Is Ineffective

There are all sorts of DIY options out there for pests. Set a trap here, spray that there, put this over here, and repeat, and some methods can work quite well for some pests. DIY methods can save you some money, and the few mice you have caught this month may be making a real dent in the issue, but did you know that most mice have litters that are upwards of a half-dozen mice? And they often will do so up to 10 times a year? So perhaps you got some, maybe even a respectable amount of them, but it’s quite hard to keep up with a settled infestation. That bait you got at your local hardware store for ants stopped the flood, and now you only notice one or two every once in awhile, but therein lies the issue, they are still there. With ants, you can be quite sure that where there is one there are many. Simply put, you can never be sure that DIY options are  100% effective, and in the many cases where they aren't you end up paying more than once for the same thing, and often taking a bunch of time implementing your treatments as well. This isn’t your fault necessarily. Sometimes we just can’t get our hands on the tools we need to go up against pests. Other times we might simply lack the knowledge as to where a colony or mouse nest might be located, and can’t get to the root of the problem, only tackling what’s directly in front of us.

Schedule Professional Pest Control Today

Innovative Pest Control offers both the right tools and the knowledge to use them. We will identify the problems your property is facing, and take care of it. Having a plan that effectively manages your home for pests year round is far more efficient than periodic trips to the hardware store. Year-round pest control plans are extensive and go as far to include not only the two pests we mentioned above, but more than 16 pests in total. Professional plans also include quarterly service, which not only takes care of pests, but reassures that pests are continuing to be taken care of in the future. The Advantage plans that Innovative Pest Control offers also includes rodent control and monitoring, as well as the guarantee that if pests come back between visits, so do we! Free of charge!

Having a year-round pest control plan can be the difference between peace of mind and a major home repair. The worst part is, if it’s not one pest it’s another, and staying on top of them is hard work. A full-time job to be exact, which is a good reason all on its own to hand the task off to someone else. Call Innovative Pest Control today and request a free inspection to see if a year-round pest control plan is a good option for you!

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