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Some bugs are scarier than others. We run from hornets because we know it will hurt if we get stung. We take measures to ensure black widows don’t live around our home because we know a venomous bite could send us to the hospital. And we spray bug repellent on our skin because we have heard about all the diseases mosquitoes can transmit. But what about ticks? What can we do about those?

The Illnesses Ticks Cause

When it comes to ticks, they might be one of the scariest bugs out there. The number of diseases and illnesses they transmit is staggering, especially since many of those diseases can go unnoticed and undiagnosed until they become chronic problems or even lead to death. Some of these illnesses include

  • Lyme disease. Lyme disease can cause muscle aches, rashes, fatigue, and fevers in the early stages. While symptoms vary widely from person to person, if caught quickly, it can be treated with antibiotics. If it remains undiagnosed, however, it can cause a multitude of symptoms that are often misdiagnosed as other diseases.
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever.This illness has similar symptoms to Lyme disease in its early stages, but severe untreated cases can lead to amputations, paralysis, or mental disabilities.

Other tick-borne illnesses that humans can contract include babesiosis, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, and Powassan Virus.

Many of these diseases can also be transmitted to pets with some symptoms being similar to those seen in humans. But because the symptoms have so much in common with each other as well as with other illnesses, it can be very difficult to properly diagnose and treat them, regardless of whether it’s a pet or person who contracts them.

Why We Must Be Aware of Ticks Year-Round

Ticks are no laughing matter, and unfortunately here in East Texas, they’re a year-round threat. While some of the colder states get a reprieve from tick activity in the winter, we do not. Yes, it can get cold here, but ticks require long spells of extreme cold before going into hiding. Even then, many can survive a severe winter and will come back out ready to bite again in the spring.

In East Texas, they may slow down during a cold snap, but they won’t remain inactive for long. That’s why constant vigilance is essential when it comes to tick prevention and control.

How to Remove Ticks From Your Property

Unfortunately, because ticks move from place to place by riding on mammal hosts, it is impossible to completely eliminate ticks from your yard. However, you can reduce the chances of ticks entering your yard by making it uninviting to wildlife. The professionals at Innovative Pest Control can point out the areas of your property that might be inadvertently attracting wildlife so that you can take steps to fix these problems.

If you’ve found ticks on your property, it’s a good idea to treat your home for ticks. Innovative Pest Control will treat the areas where ticks are most likely to be found, such as around the perimeter of your lawn and treeline. Don’t live your life in fear of ticks; take action today to prevent ticks from living on your property. Give us a call to set up an appointment.


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