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Spring will be here before we know it, and with the change in seasons comes the return of warm-weather pests. One pest that East Texas residents will want to be sure to protect their lawns from is the fire ant. While tiny, little ants don’t tend to strike us with too much fear, fire ants should be an exception.

With their stinging bites, fire ants send many people in search of relief from the pain and cause many emergency department visits each year. Fire ant stings can even cause some people to experience anaphylactic shock, a severe allergic reaction to their venom. Why take the chance of having your spring picnics ruined by these nasty little pests? Consider professional pest control to prevent fire ants on your lawn this spring.

Why are they called fire ants?

You may think fire ants get their name from their tell-tale reddish-brown color, but that’s not the case. The sting of a fire ant has been described as feeling like getting burned by fire, which is where their name actually originates. The problem with fire ants is that you’ll rarely get stung by one stray ant. Instead, you will likely be attacked by the colony, which causes multiple stings and painful burning.

Why do fire ants become a concern in warm weather?

Fire ants become a growing concern as the weather heats up. They start actively building their nests and soon make an appearance on your lawn. Fire ant hills will start popping up around your yard, leaving your family and pets at risk of bites.

How do I know if the ants in my yard are fire ants?

You will surely know that the ants in your yard are fire ants if you get stung. On sight, though, it can be hard to distinguish fire ants from other common backyard ants. Fire ants are small, measuring only 2-6mm. While the workers have a reddish color, the queen and the drones can look more brownish or black and resemble other ants. It’s best to consult a professional to be sure.

Can I prevent fire ants in my yard?

There really aren’t any DIY steps you can take to prevent fire ants in your yard. Sprays and chemicals that you try to apply yourself are often ineffective. Fire ants need to be treated at specific times of the year to have the best chance of eliminating them.

Should I call a professional to get rid of fire ants?

Call us right away at Innovative Pest Control to get rid of fire ants in your yard. Schedule a visit with us before you find them on your property to prevent a fire ant infestation. To prevent fire ants, we will treat your property in April and again in September. These months are the optimal time to use our tried and true techniques to keep your home free from fire ants this spring.


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