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No one wants fleas and ticks on their property, but that won’t stop them from wanting to get on your property. Even if you’re taking steps to keep fleas and ticks away, you should still be mindful of the problems that come with fleas and tick infestations in Texas. 

Fleas And Ticks

If you own property in Texas, you probably know about fleas and ticks. While you might not be able to tell the two pests apart, you may realize that both are common property invaders. Whether you own a home or business, you could find yourself battling an infestation.

In addition to being common, fleas and ticks are dangerous. The types of dangers depend on the types of pests, so you should educate yourself on pest identification to know what you’re dealing with. Ticks have a spider-like appearance, and they’re typically small until they latch on and suck your blood, at which point they become swollen and more visible.

Fleas are small brown pests that jump incredible heights, and although you can see fleas with the naked eye, they are tiny enough that they’re difficult to spot. They don’t latch on like ticks and instead live under layers of hair or in your carpet.

What Makes Flea And Tick Infestations So Bad

Despite having differences in appearance and behavior, fleas and ticks cause the same issues for property owners. For one, they’re hard to keep out. Typically, these pests enter your home by hitchhiking, latching on to bodies, belongings, your pets, or you. You may not realize you or your pets have parasites on you until it’s too late.

With other pests like ants, sealing up your property and maintaining a clean environment is enough to prevent them. But fleas and ticks don’t need to sneak in through small openings, and they also don’t care if you have any crumbs on your counters. As long as you have people in your buildings, these pests will find a reason and a way to enter. 

Spreading Diseases

Both fleas and ticks are capable of spreading diseases to humans. While the diseases vary, this ability these pests have to transmit disease makes them highly dangerous. Ticks are most feared for their ability to transmit Lyme diseases, while fleas have been responsible for causing a worldwide plague. 

These pests are so effective at spreading diseases because they feed on your blood. You and anyone on your property could be in danger, so remain careful and vigilant with these little vampires.

A Constant Annoyance

On top of their ability to spread diseases, fleas and ticks are annoying. Ticks burrow into your skin, fleas leave behind itchy bites, and because fleas reproduce quickly and in large numbers, they can take over your property in no time. 

Flea And Tick Prevention

If you don’t want fleas and ticks to affect you, try the following prevention tips:

  • Use Preventative Medication On Your Pets: By treating your pets with a flea and tick prevention regimen, you can keep these pests off of your pets and away from your property.
  • Make Your Yard Less Appealing To Pests: Often, wildlife brings fleas and ticks onto your property. Clean up debris and maintain your yard to keep squirrels and other pest-carrying wildlife away. 
  • Check For Fleas And Ticks: After enjoying nature, check yourself for fleas and ticks. Both pests are difficult to see, so you might need some help searching for them. Ask a friend or family member to search you for them.
  • Work With Us: The best way to protect your home or business from fleas and ticks is with ongoing professional assistance. If you want to learn more, contact us at Innovative Pest Control.


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