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Are you familiar with the agricultural pest known as the brown marmorated stink bug? It is a small, mottled brown, shield-shaped pest that damages crops during the warm months and becomes a residential pest in the late fall and throughout the winter. These insects congregate on sun-warmed surfaces when temperatures drop and they are as comfortable on a large rock as they are on the side of your home. This is why they get in. With stink bug prevention, you can have some success keeping them out.

Quick-Glance Stink Bug Prevention Tips


Your screens are your frontline defense against stink bugs. It is important to make sure that all of your window and door screens are in good working condition. If you’re not able to have screens replaced or professionally fixed, there are how-to videos online for simple screen repair. Home Depot has some great videos on Youtube for getting screen repair done.

Screen Gaps

Gaps around screens are another entry point for stink bugs. It isn’t enough to just have good working screens. Small gaps around your screens can let stink bugs into the void between. From there, they’ll come in when a door or window is opened or they’ll take advantage of holes created by wood-damaging pests.


Protect your doors. There are so many ways stink bugs can get past your exterior doors. Damaged or missing door sweeps can allow them to slip under. Gaps in weather stripping can give them quick entry. And vulnerabilities around the outside of your door frames can give stink bugs fast access to your door frame voids. Look for breaks in the seal around your frames or noticeable gaps. Use a caulking gun to seal any openings you find.

Sliding Glass Doors

Keep a watchful eye when opening and closing sliding glass doors. If stink bugs slip past the bristles of your weatherstripping and get into the void between your screen door and your glass door, it is easy for them to slip right into your home when you open the glass door to enjoy the fresh air.


Like your doors, windows can let stink bugs in. Damaged seals around your frames or noticeable gaps should be sealed. Broken glass on basement windows should be repaired, especially if there are holes created by wood-damaging pests in the frames of those windows.

Cracks in Foundation Walls

When cracks form in foundation walls, they can allow many pests into your home. Often, the cracks are hidden by landscaping or external structures. To find and repair them, you may have to get underneath a deck, porch, patio or stairs.

Gaps Around Pipes

Pipe installation is an unforgiving job. For this reason, contractors will create holes that are much larger than the pipes. They seal these holes after installation, but these seals can be broken and the gaps can give stink bugs a superhighway into your home.

Stink Bug Removal

When you find stink bugs in your home, your best tool for removing them is your vacuum cleaner. Don’t worry, those bugs won’t put up a stink and they won’t stink your vacuum up if you put the bag outside after you’re done. If you continue to have stink bugs come into your home, and you have to suck them up several times, this can become a costly chore. There are stink bug traps that can be made with a 1-liter or 2-liter plastic soda bottle. These can be found online. Just be sure to empty the bottle outside frequently.

The best solution for stink bug removal is to contact a licensed pest professional. If you live in Texas, we can help. Innovative Pest Control offers the highest level of home pest control available and friendly service every time. We can also give your home the exterior protection it needs to prevent future stink bug infestations. Get started by requesting a free, no-obligation pest inspection.

We’ll send a highly trained and experienced pest control professional right to you. Your pest professional will let you know what pest pressures you’re dealing with and guide you toward a specific plan to address your specific threats. We want you to have the information you need to protect your family and your property. Stink bugs are only one of several pests that get into homes, and they are one of the least harmful. Reach out to us today to schedule a visit. We’re here to help.


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