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When bed bugs infest a home, homeowners often try DIY bed bug treatments before reaching out to a pest professional because it can seem like the best first step. If there is a helpful video online, and some easy tips for getting rid of these bugs, it makes sense to take this route. Following a video and using some common household products in your home can save you some money, right? Don’t count on it. Bed bugs are not easy to get rid of. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest with you. You’re likely to find yourself moving from household products to over-the-counter products quickly, increasing your costs, and still falling short of getting rid of those bugs. After a lot of work, and a lot of money, it is likely that you’re going to ultimately contact a pest professional and add their costs onto what you’ve already paid out. Here are a few things you should consider if you’re trying to rid your Texas home of bed bugs.

Natural Remedies

You might try a natural remedy, such as apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, or a process of vacuuming, laundering, etc. This won’t cost too much, but it also won’t do too much. Bed bugs have behavior patterns that help them avoid being detected and being eliminated.

You might try using heat to exterminate bed bugs. But you’ll quickly learn that heat needs to be applied in a very specific way to successfully eliminate bed bugs. These bugs aren’t going to sit in one place and let you blow-dry them to death. And putting space heaters in every room isn’t going to get rid of them either. Bed bugs know how to find “cold spots” when the heat rises. Appropriate equipment and protocols must be used to successfully eliminate bed bugs with heat. This method can cost quite a bit. It depends on how many space heaters you decide to buy. We recommend buying zero.


You might invest in chemical sprays to eliminate bed bugs. At about $10 a bottle, it won’t seem like it’s going to cost you much, but after you’ve gone through five bottles (or many more) with no success, you may regret this decision.

Why do sprays fail to eliminate bed bugs? There are a few reasons. Here are two that you should strongly consider:

  • Sprays are topical. They don’t get into the cracks, crevices, and dark places that bed bugs hide. They cover the surface. This is problematic because some sprays are not residual and they will become inert before they kill any bed bugs. Sprays that linger can fail to kill emerging bed bugs because they’re sprayed in the wrong locations, or the bed bugs detect danger and avoid it. The worst result of this is that you end up making yourself sick from spraying harmful chemicals in areas where you sleep and this can lead to medical bills.
  • Bed bugs can develop a resistance to chemicals. As a bed bug grows, it sheds its old skin and creates a new skin. When it does, the new skin will be resistant to any harmful chemicals the bug was exposed to in its environment.

Control Products

There are many products available that can help to get control of bed bugs. You can put encasements on your mattress and box spring. You can invest in insect interceptors to prevent bed bugs from crawling up the legs of your bed. These can be helpful to prevent bites. But they may fail to arrest an infestation because bed bugs don’t just live in beds. They can live in other furniture, electronics, bags, luggage, pocketbooks, and more. They can be under carpets, inside electrical outlets, and hiding in wall voids. You could spend more than $100 on these types of products only to find out that bed bugs can be in these other places and feed on you while you’re fully awake.

What Works To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

The best solution is to cut out the middle man and contact Innovative Pest Control to exterminate bed bugs. We use methods and products that have a high success rate at arresting bed bug infestations. Get your money’s worth and get back to the life you had before bed bugs started tormenting you.


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