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Do you have spiderwebs in every corner of your home? If so, you might be wondering how they got there. Something about your home is attracting spiders, and you need to take action to prevent arachnids from taking over. Learn why there are so many spiders in your home and what you can do to get rid of them. 

Which Spiders Are In Your Home?

Several types of spiders make their way into homes. As its name suggests, the common house spider often ends up in homes. This spider has a round abdomen and black eyes. With a rapid reproductive rate, this spider can take over your home before you even realize you have a problem.

Wolf spiders are also relatively common and are larger than most other home-invading spiders. Usually, it’s easy to identify these spiders by their hairy bodies and large size. And while they can be aggressive, these spiders aren’t as dangerous as the black widow and brown recluse. If you experience a bite from either of the venomous spiders, you’ll need immediate medical assistance.

Whether you have venomous or non-venomous spiders in your home, you probably don’t want them around. They have messy webs, scare off your guests, and can make you lose sleep at night. 

Why Do Spiders Enter Homes?

Spiders enjoy outdoor living, but that doesn’t mean they will stay outside. When spiders consider where to build webs, they do so wherever there’s food. If you have insects inside your home, spiders will be plentiful.

So, a spider problem is a sign of a bigger issue. The spiders are in your home for a reason, and it’s probably not to get out of the rain. Under most circumstances, a spider infestation is a sign that you have an insect problem. You could have ants, flies, or cockroaches in your home. The only way to get rid of the spiders is to treat your other pest issues. 

What Makes Your Home Appealing To Spiders

The best way to prevent spiders is to take measures to keep other pests away. Most insects are attracted to homes with the following features:

Accessible Food

The food in your kitchen and pantry could be calling insects into your home. If you leave your food in unsealed containers, it’s easy for insects to get to it. Your best chance of insect prevention is storing your food in containers with lids. 

You should also be wary about the food on your counters. When you finish a meal, avoid the temptation to leave food out in the open. Wrap the food up and store it as soon as possible.


A cluttered home has crumbs and hiding places for insects. To make your home less appealing to insects, you need to remove the clutter. Get rid of the furniture and accessories you don’t need. If you remove all the unnecessary items and still have clutter, be sure to clean regularly. 

To make sure crumbs don’t accumulate behind your furniture and appliances, pull them out and do a deep clean. If you make an effort to clean, you can keep spiders and their prey away. 


All pests need moisture to survive. As a precaution, eliminate extra moisture from your home. 

Work With An Experienced Pest Control Company

Whether you have a spider problem or you want to play defense against one, you need professional assistance. They can identify potential issues and take steps to deter all pests, including spiders. 

If you’re ready to be proactive, contact the Innovative Pest Control Professionals. We can keep insects from taking over your home and make sure spiders stay outside, where they belong. 


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