Are Jumping Spiders Dangerous?

Jumping Spider

The jumping spider is one of the most startling pests to find in your backyard. Boasting a pair of sharp fangs and a large set of eyes, these arachnids are very tiny, and yet very fierce. Like the wolf spider, these arachnids do not spin webs, and instead roam the nooks and crannies of your home in search of a new, unsuspecting meal. They are certainly a shocking sight to see (especially when not expecting them), but the good news is that these pests are not dangerous in the slightest. Their small fangs and venom sacks are not powerful enough to damage the human body, although insects and other pests are certainly not as immune. 

Preventing Jumping Spiders From Getting Into Your Home 

Spiders are nimble little pests with a penchant for getting into places they shouldn’t. If these creatures have not yet broken into your living space, you’re in luck! Use the following prevention steps to continue occluding arachnids from your home:

  • It is important to address initial attractant factors that may draw jumping spiders inside. Longstanding or unaddressed infestations of fleas, roaches, beetles, or ants could be serving as a steady food source for nomadic arachnids, especially during the colder winter months. Reduce insect populations with scheduled residential pest treatments, or get a home inspection from a pest protection professional. 

  • Reduce the moisture levels in the home by running dehumidifiers in problem spaces. Some smaller rooms such as closets or pantries can be addressed with desiccant bags. 

  • Seal up any of the cracks or gaps forming about the home. Tears in screens, gaps in doors, and fissures in the home’s foundations should be sealed with a waterproof caulking.

Pest prevention is a process that was best done yesterday, or long before you have begun to experience an infestation of any sort. Thankfully, there is a second-best time to get started: today! Get the home inspections you need and deserve with a free visit from Innovative Pest Control today.

Jumping Giving You The Jitters? Get Decisive Action From Innovative Pest Control

Whether or not they have entered your home, jumping spiders are a pest best left in the great outdoors. Not only are they particularly displeasing to look at, but these arachnids may be acting as a foreboding omen of a growing pest infestation that is yet to emerge. If you are noticing jumping spider activity around your home, it will be important to receive additional help and pest support right away 

Discover the prevention advice you deserve by contacting the jumping spider professionals at Innovative Pest Control, your expert on all things arachnid. We are proud to be one of the area’s best pest control specialists, leading the charge against spider activity since 1992. With nearly 30 years of experience under our belts, we understand just what it takes to get and stay pest-free all year long. When you partner with us, you’re partnering with a winning team: guaranteed! Contact the team at Innovative Pest Control today for jumping spider prevention, treatment, and more. Service agents and customer representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have and to schedule your free home inspection as soon as possible. Call, click, or visit with us today and get paired to the spider prevention program that’s right for you. After all, pest control is more than just a goal; it’s a lifestyle. Trust Innovative Pest Control to revolutionize your protection today!

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