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Cockroaches can cause significant problems for property owners. Although there are several cockroaches in the area, they all can spread diseases. Check out these tips for cockroach control to keep your home free of cockroaches.

1. Declutter: Do you know those old newspapers you’ve been saving on your coffee table? Even if you have dreams of reading them one day, you should get rid of them. Besides taking up space on your table, the only thing you’re doing is attracting cockroaches. Every week, you add more clutter to your home. In one way or another, you add more hiding spaces for cockroaches. If you want to be successful at keeping a cockroach-free home, you need to make an effort to declutter. Remove the items that don’t belong and avoid adding to your collection of unnecessary things. 

2. Clean Your Home: If your mother’s voice is echoing in the back of your mind and telling your mind and telling you to clean your home, it might be time to listen. In addition to making your home look better, cleaning comes with another major benefit. It makes your home much less appealing to cockroaches. After you eat, make an effort to clean your kitchen. It’s important to clean your counters, table, and floors. Even if you don’t see crumbs, they could be there. You should clean after meals, or you risk attracting unwanted visitors. Other pests will also be attracted to your crumbs.

3. Have A Deep Cleaning Schedule: Regular cleaning is great, but you also need to deep clean. If you don’t already have a deep cleaning schedule, it might be difficult to remember to clean in hard-to-reach places. Mark your calendar for a deep cleaning, and you won’t forget to get your whole home in good shape. When you clean, be sure to get the areas that you usually ignore. Sure, you clean your floors a few times each week. But how often do you get under your oven? Move your oven and refrigerator, and clean underneath them. Then, clean your microwave and any other nooks and crannies. 

4. Fix Moisture Problems: Cockroaches need moisture to survive, and some types of cockroaches seek highly moist environments. To protect your home, limit moisture in it. If you have any small leaks in your plumbing, have a plumber repair them. Make sure your bathroom vents are working or install vents if none exist. In some areas of your home, you may need to use a dehumidifier. By installing one, you may be able to keep cockroaches from entering your home. 

5. Store Your Trash Securely: Inside and outside, your trash cans need lids. If you don’t have cans with lids, it’s time to invest in some. Avoid filling your cans to the point that your lids don’t close. 

6. Store Your Food Securely: When you come home from the grocery store, think about how you can safely store your food. If food is unsealed, it could become a meal for a cockroach. Place cereal, rice, and beans in plastic or glass containers with lids. Otherwise, you’ll be sharing with cockroaches. You also may need a pest control technician to get rid of unwanted pests.

7. Seal Off Entry Points: Holes in your screen make it possible for cockroaches to enter your home. If you want to remain pest-free, seal up your screens and other potential entrances. This means checking your walls for holes and looking at the gaps under your doors. If any places look large enough for a cockroach to enter, seal them up.

8. Work With Experts: The last tip is to contact the professionals at Innovative Pest Control. Call us today for help!


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