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Our long-awaited spring season has finally arrived, but with the start of a new season comes a dangerous uprising of these insipid pests. Some springtime insects, such as the dangerous fire ant, will cause much more of a stir than others. Measuring around 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch at maturity, fire ants here in Texas are easily recognized by their small frames and bright red coloration. Ants of this species are well-known for building enormous nests that appear like flat mounds in backyards. Sidewalks, AC or HVAC units, and other solid fixtures are structural enticements that cause these insects to build larger, stronger colonies. 

Although we mainly think about “bites” when it comes to ants, fire ants actually strike their victims with a painful sting. But this is only one of the reasons why fire ants are worse than most other types of ants.

  • The sting of a fire ant may cause severe reactions in certain victims, even requiring hospitalization in severe cases. 
  • Fire ants make new colonies by ‘budding’ off from a single colony. This usually occurs once or twice a year. If the colonies are put under stress by their environments or reoccurring DIY pest control efforts, these pests may bud additional times to ensure their species’ survival. This makes killing fire ant populations extremely difficult with DIY methods. 
  • Fire ants are notorious for sneaking into buildings by way of AC units or other HVAC appliances. Once inside, fire ants may contaminate food sources as well as cause physical and mental pain.

Various Methods Of Fire Ant Prevention For Homes And Businesses

Experts agree that managing fire ant control here in Texas should begin with astringent personal prevention measures.
While fire ants are not easy to eradicate, there are several steps you can take today to mitigate your exposure as the summer continues. Some ways to help prevent fire ants from encroaching on your property include:

  • Not allowing food crumbs or drinks to remain outdoors after a picnic or barbecue. Clean and sanitize your eating area often and store garbage in bins with tight-fitting lids. 
  • Make sure to keep your grass mowed to a short length. Trim back trees, shrubs, or other vegetation to keep the spread of pests low. Don’t allow too much growth to brush up against the sides of your home. 
  • Like other living creatures, fire ants require moisture to survive. Use a dehumidifier in the home to remove air moisture, and remove standing water sources in the yard such as pools of water in garden tools, toys, potholes, or other locations.

Want more helpful tips and tricks for preventing a fire ant infestation in your yard? Schedule a free home inspection with the experts at Innovative Pest Control today.

Get Innovative With Innovative Pest Control

Pests found in and around the house are never a good thing, and fire ants are no exception. Hosting a large ant colony on your property for long periods of time will create unnecessary dangers and put your family and friends at risk. That’s why entomologists recommend that the best and most effective way to get rid of fire ants is to rely on the help of professional pest control experts. 
For advice related to the prevention of fire ants or to receive professional treatments to keep your home safe, contact the friendly team at Innovative Pest Control. Our helpful staff of service professionals are looking forward to connecting you with the best possible plan for your unique needs. Reach out to us using our online contact form, or call us directly to begin work on your personalized pest-control plan today.


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