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They never seem like a big deal to have around the home: until they happen to you, that is. Fleas are some of the most dangerous insect parasites in the modern world. These tiny bugs create a plethora of problems in Texas homes, including the spread of disease, secondary infestations from scratching, and the spread of some parasite varieties. Fleas come from a multitude of outdoor areas, including exposure to wildlife creatures living in areas that house larger populations. These insects often hitch rides on pets and outdoor animals, introducing themselves to your home at their earliest opportunity. Many fleas appear to prefer pets to humans, but the fact is that an animal flea infestation in the home will soon become a human one if left untreated.

How To Prevent Fleas From Infesting Your Home

If your home has been exposed to flea activity in the past, you know just how destructive these insects may become. From itchy bites to secondary infections, it becomes paramount to establish preventative techniques now to mitigate pest activity in the future. Check out the prevention steps below for some ideas in flea prevention: 

  • Have any and all of your pets treated for fleas from your local veterinarian. Whether or not these animals spend time outdoors, a topical or oral treatment should be applied in the case of insect exposure. Chat with your vet about the many options that exist for your pet. 
  • Address any rodent or wildlife problems that could be acting as carriers for flea activity. Investing in a quarterly pest control plan is an excellent method of establishing prevention that works while you sleep. 
  • Clear any yard debris that could house flea populations, including leaf piles, compost bins, and weed piles. 

Despite your best efforts, fleas may still be introduced to the home under rare circumstances. Should this occur, it will be extremely important to measure the scope of the issue in order to treat it moving forward. Get help with a knowledgeable pest control agent by scheduling a free home inspection right away.

Fleeing From Fleas? Get Freed – With Innovative Pest Control

While they don’t necessarily cause hospitalization, fleas are dangerous pests that don’t need to be seen in order to be believed. If a single pair of these pests come home on your pet, clothing, or luggage, it will only be a matter of time until the situation worsens. That’s why homeowners are urged to apply prevention steps and get the quarterly pest plans they need in order to keep pests out all year long.

For more flea prevention help or assistance, contact the professional team at Innovative Pest Control right away. For close to 30 years, our trained service agents and customer representatives have been proud to rid homes from flea infestations big and small. Outstanding regular pest control plans, coupled with some of the best treatments on the market today, have allowed us to provide award-winning services since 1992. Commercial and residential facilities all over Texas have trusted Innovative Pest Control to keep them safe and flea-free with our Make-It-Right guarantee, empowering them to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. 

No matter what kind of flea infestation you may be facing today, turn to the professionals you need to get the job done right. Our service agents are available to help in many different ways, both online, over the phone, and in-person at one of our personalized home estimate services. Don’t let fleas get under your skin this year. Get help with Innovative Pest Control today!


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