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When fleas get into our homes, they can be a misery for us. Flea bites are itchy and often numerous. But we aren’t the only ones who are miserable when fleas get in. Fleas only bite us, they don’t live on us. Imagine how frustrating they must be for your poor dog or cat. Fleas take furry animals as hosts and feed on them to get the blood they need to survive and reproduce. This can cause more than just itchy bites on your pet. It can lead to a loss of hair, rashes on the skin, open wounds, and anemia. Let’s take a look at some ways you can protect your furry family members from fleas inside and outside your home.

4 Tips For Outdoor Flea Protection

  • Make sure your pets have a veterinarian-prescribed collar if it is appropriate for your pet and for your family. While flea collars are not the end-all for flea protection, they are certainly a good start.
  • If you have a dog and you have not yet constructed an outdoor recreation area, this is an important step to take in flea prevention. Fencing helps to keep wildlife from bringing fleas into your dog’s outdoor recreation area and it contains your pooch from exploring your landscaping and picking up fleas.
  • Wildlife brings fleas into your yard. Everything you do to control wildlife traffic will help protect your pets. Keep your exterior trash in sealed receptacles and make sure those receptacles can’t be knocked over. Install fencing around any food sources. Install fencing to keep animals from using voids under decks, porches, and stairs as harborage. Keep your yard free of objects which rodents can use as hiding places.
  • Fleas need high humidity to survive. If you keep your landscaping and foundation perimeter dry, you make it more difficult for fleas to develop near your home. Some examples of moisture control are: cleaning gutters, trimming tree branches, trimming bushes, and putting space between plants in your landscaping. These will help to keep your topsoil dry.

Indoor Flea Protection

There are many ways you can protect your interior from flea infestations. Some of them may actually surprise you.

  • Vacuum regularly to pick up eggs, flea dirt, and cocooned fleas.
  • Wash your pet’s bedding regularly.
  • Comb your pets and look for flea dirt or adult fleas to catch them early and deal with them before they’re biting and tormenting you and your pets.
  • Consider routine flea treatments for your pets, such as powders or baths.
  • If you have a pet with long hair, consider trimming the hair short for the summer to help you catch flea activity.
  • Take care of rodent problems immediately. Your pets aren’t the only furry animals that can bring fleas into your home and rodents can help to keep a flea infestation going when you attempt to treat your home.

What To Do When Fleas Infest Your Home

More and more, homeowners are turning to natural remedies for flea control. We understand the appeal. Natural flea control is a cheaper alternative to chemical products and many of the materials are readily available inside your home. Natural treatments are also a safer and healthier alternative to chemicals. Sounds great, until you spend weeks trying to get rid of fleas with natural treatments. Taking this route can leave you exhausted and covered in bites and can bring lots of misery to your pets. Before you consider using vinegar, diatomaceous earth, salt, baking soda, dish soap, lemon juice, or something else, consider giving the flea control experts here at Innovative Pest Control a call. We use EPA-approved residual products to break the cycle of infestation.

Quality Texas Flea Control

Many homeowners turn to Innovative Pest Control to help with flea protection long before an infestation begins. This is definitely the best way to go. When it comes to flea infestations and the threats they can pose, it is best to be proactive rather than reactive. For ongoing protection from flea infestations, we recommend our flea and tick control service for the reduction of fleas around your home. If you’d like to know more, or you’re ready to schedule service, reach out to us today. We’re standing by to assist you.


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