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When you think about pest control, what typically comes to mind? Cockroaches or ants? Or maybe it’s a man walking around with a large spray can, spraying all the entry points in a home. Most people don’t think about mice when they think about pest issues around their house. However, these tiny rodents are actually just as destructive to your home and health as any insect, and just as prevalent as any other pests in Tyler homes.

Don’t Be Fooled

Most people think that rats, the larger, smarter, and more disease-ridden counterparts of mice, are a much more problematic rodent to deal with, in the home. They think a few mice running around just calls for a trip to the store to buy some traps or poison. That’s a dangerous train of thought and might just get your house overrun with mice before you have time to deal with the issue.

You see, a mouse might be significantly smaller than a rat, (usually 3 inches long from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose), but it’s their size that makes them such a problem. These greyish/brown creatures can actually squeeze through cracks in the walls or under doors that are less than ½” wide or fit themselves through holes even smaller than the size of a nickel. And they can chew through most materials in order to make a hole large enough, giving them the chance to get into your home and chew through insulation and electrical wiring (which can cost you, big time).

This ability to squeeze into your home makes mice incredibly dangerous when combined with their next two notable features. Mice are:

  • Incredibly prolific. They typically travel in packs and can have litters of up to 20-30 offspring every few weeks. If you see one mouse in your home, you most likely have a lot more in the walls, or you will soon.
  • Disease carriers: Since mice typically hang around some of the more undesirable places in town, like dumpsters, landfills, trashcans, and sewers, they bring a lot of bacteria with them. Easily contaminating anything they touch in your house, your kitchen, or your outdoor patio, they can spread diseases that can lead to severe health issues. They’ll also transfer fleas and ticks onto your carpet, your furniture, your pets, your children, and you.

Mouse Prevention

Because mice are so prolific, they are very hard to get rid of. If you catch one or two, there might be ten or twenty more mice babies around your property. Mice also have an elusiveness about them that can make them tough to capture, especially as they travel in packs. They’ll begin to learn from each other’s mistakes and become even more difficult to eradicate.

One thing that has been known to help deter mice from entering your property is to change the layout of lawn decorations and items stored around the yard. Mice get nervous when their surrounding environment changes, so moving things around in the yard every week or so might help to encourage mice to look for another property to explore.

However, when traps don’t work for you and redecorating your lawn every week gets tiresome, there’s only one guaranteed method of protecting your home and family from mice. The very best way to get rid of mice and make sure they stay out is with assistance from the professionals at Innovative Pest Control. Our friendly pest technicians can find a time convenient for you for a complete home consultation to assess the situation and make sure your mouse problem is taken care of. Reach out to Innovative Pest Control today for prompt, professional assistance.


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