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Are you a problem solver? When things go wrong in your home, is your first response to hit the internet in search of a solution? Doing this, you have probably learned how to fix a variety of things around your home. However, now that fleas have invaded, are you up for the task? Read on to find out if flea infestations have a simple solution.

Why DIY Solutions Make The Problem Worse

When fleas invade homes, they can infest every nook and cranny. This makes treating them extremely difficult. When it comes to the treatments themselves, they are often ineffective and can even be dangerous. 

An example of an ineffective solution is mixing Lysol with water and leaving it near where fleas are infesting. Although this will eliminate some fleas, it is not enough to deal with the entire problem. Next, there are pesticides designed to kill fleas that you can buy from the store. The problem with these is that they contain dangerous chemicals. When used improperly, these treatments can pose a health risk to you, your family, and your pets, and your pets are suffering enough, dealing with fleas crawling through their fur and biting them.

There are many natural deterrents for fleas such as baking soda, lemon spray, rosemary, and even some plants. If your home does not currently have fleas, looking up these natural deterrents and placing them around your home can help keep fleas away. They cannot, however, get fleas out once they have invaded and are multiplying.

The Threat Fleas Pose

Fleas are extremely irritating to pets, causing them to itch and scratch incessantly, and they also pose a risk in the form of diseases. Some common diseases fleas have been known to carry and spread include the Bubonic plague, murine typhus, tungiasis, and tularemia. In addition to this, prolonged flea infestations on pets can lead to tapeworm which can cause symptoms in your pet such as an itchy rear end and weight loss.

How Innovative Can Help With Fleas

If fleas have invaded into your home, your best solution is to call on the professionals here at Innovative Pest Control. Serving our community since 1992, innovative is committed to professionalism and quality. Our pest technicians put their all into every job they do and will make sure your home gets flea free as quickly as possible. Want to schedule home pest control services for your home? Give us a call today!


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