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Just because a creature curls up to look like a pill doesn’t mean they should be consumed like one! Joking aside, are these creatures harmful? Whether you call them roly polys, doodlebugs, pillbugs, or armadillidiidae (their scientific name), we will be unraveling the mystery of just how dangerous pillbugs can be.

What Do Pillbugs Look Like?

One thing you should know about pillbugs is that they are not insects, but rather crustaceans. That’s right, a pillbug has more in common with a lobster than a centipede. These tiny pests are either oval or spherical in shape depending on whether or not they are currently feeling threatened. Their exoskeleton is comprised of plates that, when contracted, form a protective barrier to keep out prey. Usually black in color, with two prominent antennae, pillbugs are usually seen outside but can be found in homes where they don’t belong.

How Dangerous Are Pillbugs?

The good news is that pillbugs do not bite, sting, or spread diseases to people. What they do is destroy plant growth from the roots. If you have indoor plants, they are at risk if pillbugs are around. Pillbugs can also damage plants growing outside your home as well.

What Attracts Pillbugs To Homes?

Something interesting about pillbugs is that they are mainly outdoor pests. When you find them inside, chances are they found their way in by accident. Sometimes, large outdoor infestations will drive pillbugs to leave their home in search of new food and shelter. Even if your home does not have plants indoors, you may still find these rolly polly pests. The best way to stop them from getting inside is by sealing up the entry points that allow them in. To do this, search the exterior foundation of your home for cracks and gaps. Seal up these areas.

How Innovative Can Help Keep Pests Out Of Your Home

Whether you are dealing with pillbugs or some other pest in and around your home, the pros here at Innovative can help. With our general pest control options, you get guaranteed freedom from not just pillbugs, but a variety of other common household pests as well. Interested to learn more about our home pest control options? Reach out to our team today. We would be happy to help you find the freedom from pests you deserve.


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