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No one likes sharing their home with unwanted guests, especially ones that spend all day sleeping in walls and all night defecating and chewing on everything they can. Of course, we are not talking about human guests, but rather about small, furry, frustrating rodents. If you are worried about these intrusive guests getting into your home this fall, we are here to help.

Why Fall Means More Rodent Invasions

Where many northerners would claim that Texas stays warm year-round, residents feel the drastic difference between 110-degree weather and 60. We may not get snow or ice storms, but when it’s cold we feel it! The same is true for rodents. When the weather cools down, rodents look for warmer places to spend their time. Often times, they find our homes as safe havens to overwinter the cold months.

Are mice and rats dangerous?

Yes. Mice and rats are some of the most dangerous pests you can have in your home. Some things rodents are known for is their ability to carry harmful diseases, parasites, and a variety of dangerous bacteria. These dangers are left behind in the form of contamination wherever they wander in your home, across kitchen tables, over countertops, and on the food they scavenge. If you prefer not getting sick and potentially being hospitalized, then rodents are the last creatures you want in your home.

Our Tips To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home

  • Seal up potential entry points around your home. Look for holes in your exterior foundation where rodents may be able to squeeze inside. Use a caulking gun and/or wire mesh to block off these entry points.
  • Keep up with the clutter around your home. A pile of newspapers and cardboard are all the building materials a rodent needs to build a nest, and a messy storage area is a perfect place for them to hide.
  • Clean regularly, making sure that no food scraps are being left out for scavenging rodents to find. One great trick is to use ammonia-based cleaning solutions. Don’t go overboard. Just use enough to turn rodents noses away.
  • Store leftover foods away in airtight containers where rodents cannot access. Also, consider pouring dry foods that come in cardboard containers into plastic containers that can keep smells in and rodents out.

What To Do If Rodents Invade

Our hope here at Innovative Pest Control is that the above precautions keep rodents out of your home. However, if rodents do invade despite your efforts to keep them away, we are here to help. For more information about rodents, check out our blog for regularly updated pest control content. To get in touch with our service team to schedule rodent control services for your home, give us a call today.


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