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Your home has a lot to offer spiders who are looking to get out of the hot sun and find a moist, cool place with a reliable food source. However, it isn’t our food they are after. Spiders tend to follow other pests inside a home, spinning webs to catch their prey – which means, if you are seeing spiders in your home, you undoubtedly have other pests that the spiders are feeding on, such as flies, roaches or mosquitoes. How do you pull up the welcome mat to let spiders know you don’t have room to be bothered by pests?

Prevention Tips To Help Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

  • Turn off outside lights when not necessary. Leaving outside lights on at night attracts other bugs, which in turn attracts spiders. Spiders are looking for food, so make sure you don’t have any other pest problems that could attract the spiders.
  • Do not store wood near your home.
  • Vegetation and overgrowth near a home will attract spiders and other pest. Keep grass trimmed short and remove lawn debris. Also, trim lawn hedges and other vegetation so that it doesn’t touch your home.
  • Reduce lawn clutter that can become a hiding place for spiders to get out of the sun.          
  • Besides being drawn to the shade and vegetation around your home, the moisture around your foundation attracts them. They just need to find a way to get inside your home. Look for any gaps or holes in your siding. Seal all cracks in your foundation and fill any gaps around your windows and doors.

While you may only see a spider ‘here or there’ keep in mind that spiders lay anywhere from 50-300 eggs (brown recluse lay around 50, a black widow can produce 10 to 20 sacs in their lifetime, each sac containing 150-300 eggs). If you are only seeing the occasional spider, you have to wonder where the rest of their siblings went to! That’s why it is best to contact us for a free inspection.

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