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Cockroaches are a year-round problem in Texas, thanks to our warm weather; because they thrive in the heat and humidity, they tend to get especially bad in the summer. However, Texas heat is sometimes too much even for cockroaches, and they seek the shelter and amenities provided by a home. When it’s bone dry in East Texas, roaches may enter buildings looking for moisture. And the presence of food inside a home can also attract roaches.

How Do They Get In?

If you’ve ever seen a cockroach that has gotten into your home, perhaps you know that these insects can walk almost anywhere, including straight up a wall or across a ceiling. They can also squeeze through tight spaces. Because of these physical abilities, there are dozens of ways roaches can enter your home.

Here are some areas you can check your home for gaps or holes. If you find any, take steps to seal them up.

  • At the base of exterior doors, especially if the door sweeps or weather stripping is old.
  • Around window or door frames, where seals can be broken.
  • Screens on windows or doors, where cockroaches can crawl through holes.
  • Around plumbing and wiring that enter your house.
  • Around vents, such as the dryer vent.
  • On the roof, where insects can enter if there are gaps around vents or the chimney.

Other Attractions

While you’re looking for entryways roaches might be using, pay attention to your yard and the features that might appeal to cockroaches. If you make your yard less attractive to roaches, they may be less likely to take the next step of entering your home.

  • Trim branches that are keeping your yard shady and providing moist areas for insects.
  • Make sure your spigots or hoses aren’t leaking.
  • Check your gutter for blocked areas or cracks that could cause leaks and puddles that attract insects.
  • Keep trash in containers with tight-fitting lids so the smell of rotting garbage is less noticeable to roaches.
  • Take pet food bowls in after your pet is done eating because any bits of leftover food are attractive to roaches.

Call The Pros

If you see one roach, you can be sure there are plenty more around. Don’t waste your time on DIY treatments if you’ve seen cockroaches in your home, because roaches are a health hazard for your family; call Innovative Pest Control today to set up a free, no-obligation pest inspection.

Our trained professionals will figure out how roaches are getting into your home and devise a comprehensive  pest control plan to eliminate them now and prevent infestations in the future. We back all our services with a Make It Right Guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied, we’ll come back and make it right.


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