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When you think about bees and wasps and the hives they build, do you ever consider where they came from? No, we are not talking how wasps and bees as a species came to be, but rather what drives stinging insects, in general, to settle down and build their nests where they do. What is it about the tree, hole, or roof underhang on your property that makes it the perfect location for stingers? Are you responsible, or is it completely random? Today we will be diving into what drives stinging insects to build their homes where they do.

Why Wasps & Bees Are Everywhere In The Summer Around Texas Homes

You have probably noticed by now: wasps and bees are everywhere, gathering food and building homes – but why? Why is it that summertime is prime time for stinging insects? Interestingly enough, besides being their breeding season as well as the general climate summer brings, we play a big part in the reason they get so bad during the summer months. The more time we spend outside eating, drinking, and leaving scraps and spills behind, the more wasps and bees will be lured to our properties.

Mistakes Homeowners Make That Attract Stingers In Summer

At this point, you may be a little concerned at the thought that you may be the reason stinging insects are settling down on your property. Don’t worry; we have some brief tips that are sure to help you better understand what you may be doing to attract bees and wasps so that you can avoid doing them in the future. Below is our short list of common mistakes homeowners make that attract stingers.

  • Having trashcans without tight-fitting lids designed to keep wasps out
  • Not picking up their pets food and water dishes after they finish feeding outside
  • Leaving fruit dropped from trees laying in their yard for wasps and bees to munch on
  • Not cleaning up thoroughly after outdoor gatherings to make sure no sweet or meaty food is left behind

Corrective Measures To Take & Why Call Innovative For Help If Stingers Settle In

As for how to keep bees and wasps away, the solution is pretty simple. As much as possible, keep your property free of foods that contain protein such as meats, or drinks that are sweet. If this fails to keep away bees and wasps and they end up settling down anyway, Innovative Pest Control is here with another solution, and it comes in the form of bee and wasp treatments for your home.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to deal with your stinger problem, give us a call today. Our team is here to help you find an answer to your pest problems.


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