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The restaurant industry has changed. 20 years ago, if a guest were to see cockroach scoot out from underneath a table while dining, the worst that would probably happen is they would decide to eat somewhere else the next time. Today, that cockroach sighting is likely to cause them to do more than chose another place to eat. It could lead to a bad review left on social media. Such is the nature of the world today. Do things well, and get rewarded. Make one little mistake (like allowing cockroaches into your restaurant) and you may be paying the consequences for a long time to come–even if you have the infestation taken care of immediately. The damage has been done. The review is out there. While any kind of cockroach is bad for business, today we are going to focus on the American cockroach, which just so happens to be the largest species cockroach that makes its way inside homes and businesses.

The American cockroach was first brought to America on ships from Africa as early as the 1600s. It measures around 50 mm in length and is a reddish-brown roach. Cockroaches are oval in shape, have 2 antennae, 6 legs and 2 sets of wings that stack on top of each other. Though mostly red-brown, the American cockroach also has a yellow-tan color which is mostly visible on the back of the head. In the proper lighting, sometimes it looks like there is a number 8 there. Since this roach is large, the spines on its legs are clearly visible.

How Roaches Are Bad For Business

Besides bad reviews and loss of customers, roaches are bad for business in several different ways. Workers who are forced to work in conditions where there are cockroaches can become demoralized. And, since roaches can cause several illnesses, employee absenteeism is likely to increase in an establishment where roaches are present. If a roach infestation is not properly dealt with in a timely manner, it can lead to failed government inspections. And if enough inspections are failed, this can lead to a complete closure of an establishment. While a restaurant can recover from a closure, a clean reputation is hard to rebuild.

Cockroach Prevention Tips:

  • Store garbage well away from exterior walls and keep in sealed containers if possible. Cockroaches are drawn to trash, and if garbage is up against walls, they will explore foundations and walls for entry points. The more smells that escape, the more cockroaches, and other pests, will be drawn in.
  • Keep your perimeter as dry as possible. Remove vegetation that is close to your outer walls and make sure gutters are not clogged, and are in good condition.
  • Seal up any gaps, cracks, or holes that are present in your foundation and outer walls. Cockroaches can squeeze through tiny openings.
  • Inside, keep things as clean as possible. Always store foods in sealed containers or inside refrigerators or walk-ins. Pay attention to hard-to-reach places when cleaning.

While the above prevention tips will help you keep some roaches out, there is no guarantee taking these steps will keep all of them out. To be certain that your restaurant is kept roach-free (and free of bad reviews about cockroaches) it is best to partner with a trusted commercial pest control provider like Innovative Pest Control. Our expert technicians use specialized products and decades of experience to get rid of cockroaches, and keep them out, so you can protect your products, customers, employees, and reputation from harm.


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