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When you think of flea and tick control, you might think of your pets. It’s natural for us to take measures to prevent our furry companions from getting ticks or fleas. However, it’s important for humans to protect themselves from both fleas and ticks as well. Both pests can cause discomfort from their bites but worse still, they can spread illness.

Taking preventative measures is the most effective way to control fleas and ticks on your property and in your home. Dealing with them after an infestation can be a hassle and too late to prevent the illness and viruses they spread. While there are some DIY methods you can employ, a proven flea and tick control plan from professionals like Innovative Pest Control is key.

How Fleas Get Into Our Homes

It’s a myth that only pet owners need to worry about fleas. While pets can be carriers of fleas so can rodents like mice and rats who may make their way into your home. Fleas will also hitch a ride on people, so if they are in your yard they may be carried in on your clothes or body. Fleas not only cause itchy and annoying bites and skin irritation, they can transmit diseases and parasites like cat scratch disease and tapeworms also.

Most Common Species Of Ticks In Texas

There are several varieties of ticks found in Texas, and each of them can cause their own set of health problems. What we hear about most is the deer tick, the tick that is known for carrying Lyme disease, which can cause fever, joint pain, and more. Other ticks can carry rocky mountain spotted fever, along with several other diseases and rashes. Wild animals carry ticks that can be passed on to you and your pets from your yard.

Reliable Flea & Tick Control Services

You are much more likely to rid your home of fleas and reduce your chances of tick bites by working with the technicians at Innovative Pest Control on a thorough flea and tick control plan. Our pest control professionals are experts at handling troublesome fleas and ticks. On the first visit, an inspection will be done and both the inside and outside of the home will be treated for fleas. Then two weeks later a follow-up treatment will be done. The outside of your home will be treated for ticks, focusing on areas where ticks tend to live.

You can help your pest control professional by keeping your lawn mowed short, cutting back overgrowth, and keeping landscaping tidy. Vacuum the inside of your home every day, remembering to also vacuum furniture and areas where pets like to settle. Be sure that you talk to your vet to find a flea and tick prevention program for your pets to help break the cycle of infestation. 


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