How Does Bed Bug Control Work?

Bed bug

Bed bugs are tricky bugs. When they get into a home or business, they can get into hard-to-reach locations, not just your beds. These insects can dwell in outlets, wall voids, electronics, and behind baseboards and crown molding. They can be deep inside upholstered furniture or under rugs. The trick to beating these tricky bugs is understanding how they behave.

How Our Bed Bug Control Treatments Work

Effective bed bug control requires a knowledge of bed bug behavior. When an insecticide is applied incorrectly, it can have undesirable effects. Bed bugs are wired with defensive characteristics that help them avoid danger. This is why DIY bed bug treatments so often fail. Here are two examples:

  1. When bed bugs sense danger, they run and hide. When they hide, they can stay hidden for days, weeks, and even months without needing to feed. This leads to ongoing bite events and elongated infestation periods. Professionals know how to find, target, and corral areas of infestation to prevent this from occurring. They also know how to protect individuals in a home or business and monitor for bed bug activity between, and after, treatments have been done.
  2. When bed bugs are exposed to insecticides and survive, they can develop insecticide-resistant skins. These insects have 5 stages of development and, as they shed skins and develop new skins, the new skins can become resistant. This makes them even more difficult to exterminate. Professionals usually get these bugs the first time. But, if an infestation is persistent, professionals know how to alternate treatments to keep these bugs from developing an immunity.

Getting rid of bed bugs is a process that requires the proper implementation of detailed inspections, mattress encasements, bed bug climb ups, treatments, steam applications, and monitoring. If done by a trained and certified professional, this process discreetly eliminates bed bug infestations over time. If a bed bug infestation has not yet occurred, this process is the only proven way to prevent bed bug infestations from occurring. It prevents bed bugs from getting into their primary feeding location. It stops them from getting a blood meal at night, and it provides the ongoing monitoring that is necessary to prevent bed bugs from establishing themselves in locations other than beds.

If you'd like to learn more about bed bug control, connect with us. At Innovative Pest Control, we offer industry-leading bed bug control in East Texas. Let us help you keep the bed bugs from biting.

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