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If you are a Texas homeowner and you spend any amount of time outside on your lawn during the summer, chances are you’ve noticed something flying around your head a time or two. You may assume that if it’s yellow and black, it’s probably just a honey bee. However, that isn’t always the case.

Yellow Jacket Identification

Yellow jackets are often confused with honey bees, but they have a few distinct differences. Yellow jackets’ wings are positioned off to the sides of their bodies and have slimmer bodies than honey bees. These stinging insects range in size from 9-16mm long and are typically yellow and black, though they are sometimes white and black as well.

Probably the most important difference between yellow jackets and honey bees is that yellow jackets are much more aggressive than bees. They are extremely protective of their nests and are likely to interpret any movement near their nests as a threat. Yellow jackets can sting multiple times and won’t hesitate to sting if they feel threatened. Not only are their stings painful, they can also cause an allergic reaction or even death in individuals who are allergic to their venom!

Why are yellow jackets attracted to my yard?

Why are these pests coming around your yard? There are a variety of things that could be attracting them to your home that you are unaware of. Yellow jackets commonly build their nests in or near the ground such as in cracks in sidewalks, under sheds, or under porch steps. These pests may also choose to nest in low branches, playground sets, and yard decorations. If you have any of these things on your property, your chances of having an infestation are increased. There are other common mistakes Texas homeowners make that basically invite these pests onto your property, one of the biggest being providing them easy access to food sources! One of the most common things that attract pests, including yellow jackets, to our yards is food. Yellow jackets will eat just about anything that is available to them including flies, bugs, and other pests. They will also feed on garbage, any food that is left lying around, opened sugary drinks, or meat and fish. By keeping your trashed sealed and removing food debris from your yard, you can lower the attractiveness of your property to these stinging insects.

Year-Round Yellow Jacket Control Services

If you want to keep yellow jackets off of your property and out of your hair this summer, call Innovative Pest Control today! Our technicians are trained to not only eliminate any current infestations but also to prevent them from returning to your yard. The hard part about dealing with yellow jackets is that they don’t die off during the mild winters of Texas. This is why we offer our year-round pest control services to help you take control of your yard all year long! It’s time to take action against these stinging insects with the help of Innovative Pest Control!


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